Your Dream, Not Mine

Please don't speak a word

Just keep your lips together

In that somewhat crooked smile

Don't let that smile fall and shatter

Never again whisper how you love me

It's just another scratch upon the glass heart

Don't tell me how perfect we'd be together

That alone is your dream, and not mine

I have nothing to spare and offer

Except my sincerity as your friend

I know it hurts to love and not be loved

But I've promised myself to someone else

Don't chain me to your side, just let me go

And you may think softly of me from time to time

But when you hate it that we're not together

Remember that was always your dream, and not mine

Please don't begin to cry

Just keep on standing tall

I don't want to bear guilt, to know

It was someone else's dream that I broke

Author's Notes/Comments: 

<<;; People tend to stay attached to me

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