Things are Changing

It was strange

The day I woke up

And you weren’t there anymore

The way you just left

Tried to stop you but

Your foot was already out the door

I guess I’d been with

So long I’ve forgotten

The worlds still spinning

Even though you’re not by my side

And you want me back

But it’s your turn to cry

Cause I have found

My inner strength

My piece of mind

And I have found

I don’t need you anymore

There is now way

A new love with you

Could replace the tears I’ve cried

I can’t trust you through

Through all the lies

And now I’m breaking

All of my ties

With you

You can leave now

All of the others know

Its true

The one who I love

Who I adore is you

Why did you

Hurt me

And I won’t be with you

Even though right now

My heart is breaking

Things are changing.

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