Just Like You

They tell me that I'm just like you

That I've said the things you said

That I'm following the same path as you

I say I'm not, I deny...

You said you'd never change

Well I'm saying that too

They said you were sweet

Well I am too

They say they tried to help you

Like they are helping me

They say that you could have been strong

If you only had tried

Well I'm trying, and trying

But I slowly let it control me

And I'm crying, I'm crying

And I realize that I don't wanna be like you

They say I'm letting it hold me down

Just like those darkened chains held you

I've fought for years

And I can't stand it anymore

They say you turned against them

Well I don't want that to happen too

Cause friends are there to care for you

And I need them whether I want them or not

So, tell my friends they don't need to worry

Cause I'm not entirely like you

I'll dance on the edge

But I will never fall

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