Needing You

I once again prove that I am worthless

That I can never keep my word

At least you can understand that I'm hurting inside

I wish that I could have considered

That a promise made to you was one worth keeping

Si many things on my mind all at one time

Is my soul lost, aching, forgotten, or empty?

If there is a God, you know I'm here begging

Praying tat you could forgive me forever

For the way I constanly hurt and disrespect me

And you alone were able to interpret, understand

That the deadly blank expression in my eyes

Is the silent siren cring out from inside of me

Saying that something's wrong, my happiness gone

That I shouldn't be left alne under these conditions

I'm sorry, my insides are torn, tattered, tired

Now in my very own flesh, your initial burns

Each line so perfect, swollen, crimson

They just refused to believe the truth

But you'd believe, and now I'm left here

Needing you, hurting me, which is hurting you

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