Winter Wishes


Every year it's born anew;

The icy chill, the frozen hue;

When gold withdraws and silvers rule;

When days divide and nights times two.

And on each year my soul sheds tears;

For sadness felt through these past years;

For moments lost, and shattered cheers;

For unsought happier frontiers.

But then the sky begins to fall,

And suddenly I soon recall,

The reason each year my pain recedes,

The reason I smile and joy impedes.

The feel of warmth, the sounds of love,

The sight of clear skies high above;

To know that once when I was small

I knew an embrace that fulfilled it all.

And even though my family's broken

I hold these memories as my token,

That one day I will embrace another,

And on that day, I'll succeed my mother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Holidays to everyone, and I hope all of you (or atleast those who want it), are able to feel the happiness of a loving family some day; whether it's your parents or your children.

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