Love VS Ability


You wanted me to give you poetry;

You demanded a ballad, sonnet, or haiku.

You asked me to write you a verse;

Said you needed to hear of my love for you.

But my words did nothing to sate your thirst;

"I love you!" was never sufficing.

You commanded these words to be written in rhyme;

No matter the pain, risk or pricing.

So at last I gave in to your torment;

I decided to give it a shot.

I attempted all day to think of you;

But all of my thoughts led to naught.

I could write about your sense of humor;

or your smile, or your face or your wit.

I could rhyme about how much you mean to me;

About all that I hate to admit.

I could swim through filled pages like water;

Pages full of just pure adoration.

My ink would go dry as the desert high noon;

But those thoughts could not fuel concentration.

My cadence was shot right to hell and then back;

Just your name started my heart in a flutter.

But my feelings alone could not write you a poem;

I was ready to quit, bare and utter.

Then suddenly here seven verses below;

I realized it was finally a start

And although it's not flattering, witty or sweet;

I still wrote it for you from my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hmm... I really think this thing speaks for itself.  -_- I know it isn't great, but gimme a break :X

The hardest thing in the world for me is to write poetry when asked to ~_~;

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