Angsty Hero


It's Thursday night

I'm all alone

No one to call

Nobody home

So here I sit

My mouse in hand

Writing poems

I hope aren't bland

I'm twenty years

No more a teen

But I'm still angsty

If you know what I mean

I've got sad songs

On MP3's

As I smoke a cigarette

And sit on my knees

I don't have a drink

There's nothing to eat

Just me and the keyboard

Isn't life just a treat?

So here I am moping

To a 17 inch screen

Hoping for something

A hero from a dream

How pathetic is this

That I sit here and whine

When I could be with friends

And feeling just fine

But I think I'm bipolar,

Most American's are

We're all bred this way

Both the near and the far

I'm stuck in the south

But the north's just as bad

I miss being home

Miss living with dad

I miss life being easy

I miss not paying bills

I complain way too much

For a girl popping pills

Acctually I'm lying

I don't really take drugs

Just drink lots of liquor

And get lots of hugs

I guess I'm done bitching

Life isn't so bad

I should just get a boyfriend

And quit being sad

There's always tomorrow

Hey, what do you know

I cheered myself up...

Dee, way to go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some bullshit to clear my head and stuff :P

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