Take two and call me in the morning


A lot of people say that racism isn't as bad as it used to be, but personally, I think it is, just it's less apparent.  I'm not racist in any way ( I think so at any rate), but I see the stuff every day.  On TV, at schools, on the street.  

Now... I acctually think there IS a way to stop racism, but I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't agree with me there.  Besides the fact of parental influence on children when growing up, forcing opinions on them and such I mean, children are still, to this day, taught to realize the difference between black and white (other races are included, but I'm just gonna use those two for example).

In school you have Black History Month, and then you have BET.  This is all well and good, learning about the history of your race... But I feel that this just makes the difference between colors stand out even more to people.  I mean, it really is segregating a certain race from another, even if it is only mentally getting you to think of it as a different thing.

I think that when people quit trying to pull races apart and make them more noticable from one another, that it will be less apparent that we DO have different skin colors.

And I know people will say that it's learning about history because there were major things that happened in there and stuff.  But what about for all the Japanese kids in school?  There isn't a Japanese History Month, teaching them about the bombs dropped on their country, and about them being held in special camps because they were ALL suspects.

Blah, but I'm just ranting, and I'm sure this doesn't make sense to a lot of people.  And you probably just think I'm stupid with false ideals.  But you're probably right ^_~

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