I'm sure every body had to go through those horrible 'sex talks' that parents are so prone to give their children... Here's how mine went.  Mom called me up and told me I should start taking the pill.  She also said to "never trust a man when he says he can pull out on time... That's a lie, it doesn't work.  That's what your father said." ...wow... so dad didn't pull out on time huh?  

Mom never kept it a secret that I was an accident, but this only makes it more apparent that I ruined her young adult life.  This would probably explain her current mid-life crisis... She has 12 piercings and 4 tattoos, and is dating a convicted felon who is currently in prison.  Guess she's reliving all those 'young adult' moments that she missed...  You only live once right?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

err.... true story -_-

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