(She Series - 2) Infernal Death


She hung her head low in shame as she looked down at the blackened straw beneath her naked legs... With her arms bound behind her back by the antagonistic rope that cut into her tender flesh, she stood with her back against the rooted wood that she was tied up to. Nothing in this life mattered any more, for in mere moments, her delicate body would be washed over by vicious waves of infernal torture. Only Hell's own blaze could match what she would withstand... Indeed this girl did deserve her punishment though, and she did not try to plead with the incontestable fate bestowed upon her. For the last time, she lifted up her head and stared out at the unwavering eyes that gazed on her for entertainment. The flames began to dance up along her body, enkindling the crowds excitement. She sung out her final cries as death slowly melted it's way into her body... Leaving nothing more than a candle flicker in it's wake...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Gah, writing about other people's death makes me feel better -_-; sorry?

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