Raging Beast

Poetry by friends

Deep inside myself lies a dormant creature,

somthing so brutal and vicious with demon features.

It lays there growling, awaiting to be released,

I calm myself down and hope it will cease.

Ripping into my body and tearing my soul,

this beast will be awakened and have it's toll.

Bringing me to my knees in nothing but pain,

The furiousness in me I wish would be slain.

Taking control of all my mind,

A brutal creature, of the demon kind.

My eyes start to shift and show no mercy,

For blood is what it drinks, and it's mighty thristy.

All of you should run as claws rip through my nails,

And large darkened demon wings begin to sail.

Teeth turning to fangs dripping with anticipation,

Blood turned to poison becomes my toxication.

Roaring and screaming as I hold my head,

Ripping my flesh cause I'd rather be dead.

I turn back normal and it seems I'm tamer,

For today my beast had one, cause it was anger.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Marc

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