Heavy Girlfriends

Poetry by friends

There's four of us in this band,

But there is somthing that 3 of us can't stand.

The other one just bagged himself a girl,

I know I should be proud but this one makes me hurl.

She's not really ugly and she's not really hot,

But she's damiens sister and she should be shot.

From what I heard he was really cool,

And from what I've seen he's been acting like a fool.

No more band practice as much as we could,

We should kill that bitch, yes we should.

She makes fun of us all the whole fucking time,

If she painted herself green she'd blend in with slime.

See there she's nothing but a heavy girlfriend,

She's not fat but she makes our friendship bend.

Stupid fat whore in her own devilish way,

I would roll her down a hill and make her go away.

Waiting for the perfect time one of these days,

The three of us are going to throw her out of the way.

While one distracts you the other will kick,

Then the other will rip off her silicon dick.

We will switch back and forth untill she lays dead,

Kicking the shit out of her with nothing said.

I'll take her by her head and smash her into the wall,

Then we all stand around and watch as she falls.

We all start kicking her untill he looks,

He looks at us but it's too late as we book.

He chases after us disgusted and sick,

Little does he know that I'm hiding by the door,

When he goes away I give her one last kick.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Marc

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