Rigor Mortis Stare

Poetry by friends

With cold eyes and an emotionless face,

the lining of your new bed made from silken lace.

I want to cry I want to be there with you,

But my eyes are dry and my heart is cold too.

I do care that your gone and I'll never see you again,

But I've cried my last tear, please forgive my sins.

The laugh heard from inside of my heart as I turn,

My friends, my family, they cry...but inside it burns.

They look to me with moarnful eyes and wonder why,

Why is it that they have tears and all I do is sigh.

I turn again so I won't feel guilty of my actions,

Placing my hand on the cool flesh feeling no reaction.

Why can't you touch my hand and tell me you'll be ok,

Falling to my knees trying to force a tear I pray.

"Make me sad" I ask wanting to feel what they all feel,

Let me feel their pain and let me know what's the deal.

Looking into your eyes as they are dark and cold,

Lifting to my feet, as my fingers leave their mold.

What happened to those blues eyes, that lovely pair,

Show me how you feel,enough of that Rigor Mortis Stare.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Marc

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