Life is Pain


Life isn't really life without pain. Let me explain my reasoning for this:

First off...Nothing in life is ever just given to you. There is always a price for everything. From the moment you are born, the world is going against you. Toxic fumes are breathed into your lungs from everywhere and everything. Nothing you can do about it though. Growing up is always a hassle. No matter what age you are, there will always be problems. Adults always tell children, that they don't know how good they have it. They're right and wrong both at the same time. How is a child supposed to comprehend anything more complex than their own problems? A teenager isn't worried about bills as adults are, yet adults don't have to worry about the mind boggling stresses that flow through every teenage soul. No age group will fully understand the other; this is just how things are.

And this is the particular heart of my rant this time. Love. A person will always suffer, no matter what happens. Love is painful. I'll explain. When you fall in love with somebody, you feel happy, no? You feel an uplifting in your heart and feel you may rise above anything. Am I correct? Still...Love is painful. When you are without the one you love, it hurts, when something worries you about your love, it hurts, when you lose the one you hurts. Love will always hurt sometime, no matter who you are. But yet, without love, it is also painful. Love may help you get through the toughest times, and gives you a wonderful feeling within. So to not know love is to suffer. Summing it all up, one can conclude, that love = pain, and pain = life.

Can a person live without loving anyone? I do think it's possible...but who would want to? Love really is a wonderful feeling, but it can cause the worst of all heartbreaks. That makes it quite difficult to decide which to love...or not to love?

Why must we even make such rough decisions? Is it possible to go through life without any emotions of any kind? --That makes me think though. Would anyone want to live in an emotionless world? Nothing would have any meaning anymore. Truly, the world would not further themselves in any way. Why would anybody want to invent something new, if they felt no sense of pride in their creation? We would never reach out into feeling of curiosity would be in our bodies. I suppose that's a little drastic though huh? No...not really. Cats. Cat's don't explore new places. No animal does for that matter, they live in a certain territory , and live for survival, nothing more. Humans are so much more complex though, it's sometimes unfair.

I think I was in love once...It doesn't matter my age or with whom it was (And I tell you know for those who know me it isn't who you think), but I'm certain in my heart, I loved this person. I would wake up every morning thinking on him, and have him in my last thoughts as I lay down to sleep each night. Was that perhaps pure infatuation? Maybe...I won't deny that. But it was love to me at any rate. Then, over time my feelings faded....I wonder if a person can fall out of love just as easily as they fell into it. I think so. I also believe in love at first sight.

Have you ever met anybody in your entire life, who as soon as you saw them, you thought to yourself. Wow. Well, have you? I don't really think that is uncommon, but I'm sure we are not talking about the same sort of reaction. I feel, that love at first sight means exactly what it says...that at first laying your eyes upon this individual, deep within yourself somewhere, you feel a strong attraction pulling you closer, and you feel that this person could be in your life, and make you happy. I'm not talking about lust though. Imagine a pure non-sexual thought about spending your life with a certain person...Can you? I think that if you truly love somebody, sex should not be a factor. Then again, are humans THAT complex to be able to do such a thing? Let me explain.

Regardless of what we may think, we, humans, are animals just like any other. And in our complex brains is a more prehistoric sense of survival skills. Love is not one of them. That is perhaps...a perk. An animal does not look for attraction of the same sorts when searching for a mate, they are looking for the best female (or male) to have intercourse with, to produce the finest offspring. I think that humans do the same unknowingly. To love somebody and not have that possible? I mean, after all, isn't the entire point of being with somebody to reproduce? ...Maybe not.

Alright...I feel I've ranted enough senseless shit for one day. Thank you for listening.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't a poem, but another rant just like "Reality"

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