Please Forgive Me


I told you I was sorry

I meant it with all my heart

All you said was "I hate you"

It keeps tearing me apart

I hurt you, and I know it

But please forgive me Sam

I never meant to do it

But I know you don't give a damn

All I want to hear

Is three simple words from you

Cause everyday I wish for them

Just a simple "I forgive you"

I know you hate me deeply

I feel it everyday

I know it in my heart and soul

It kills me in everyway

Yes, I found another love

Whom I cherish and need

But with you I need a closure

How much more do I have to plead

Why can't you forive me?

Was what I did so evil and vile

I wish we could be friends once more

I just wish we could reconcile

I hate myself for hurting you

But I cannot change the past

I never wanted you to hate me

I never wanted to be outcast

I think about you all the time

I wish you could forgive

Because I'll never forgive myself

As long as I shall live...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know he'll never read this...but I hope to God he will, because it really is eating away at me...  Yes, I sound stupid now, I know...

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