Fear (The comedy version)


The rustling of the curtains, the whispered sound of a word

The look upon my face "Quit with the parnonia, it's absurd"

I know there's nothing really there, I know it's in my head

But none the less my heart speeds up as I sit in silent dread

"WHAT'S THAT?!?" A sound, I heard it, atleast I think I did

I pull the covers back, thinking I should have stayed hid

I peer around my darkened room, and slowly slip my feet out

I softly touch the floor below, my eyes constantly darting about

I'm terrified of something, nameless as it may be

But I still shiver in fear even though there's nothing to see

I grab the flashlight from my nightstand, and clutch it close to my breast

I slowly wave it back and forth, the only sound coming from the breathing in my chest

I leave the bed and stand there, looking slowly around

Straining my ears completely, determined to find a sound

Suddenly behind me, underneath the bed,

A growling I can hear it, as of something waiting to be fed

I scream aloud and pivot fast, twirling to meet my foe

But cry in pain and jump up once as I hit on the bed my toe

"DAMMIT" I yell as I touch my wound, the fear for a moment gone

But then I remember the terror below, my distraction not staying long

I aim the light at the deep darkness, trying to be bold

But through my mind the horror stories scroll, that I had once been told

What if it has huge teeth, and eyes that glow like fire?!

What if it has hungry, and eat children with a deep desire?!

"Forget it!" I yell and run to the door, reaching for the knob

I grip it tightly, and pull with all my might, my unattended wound begins to throb

But I pay it no attention, and dash out the room

I sprint down through the hallway, through it's darkness and it's gloom

I am only halfway down the corridor when I stop and when I stare

What is that at the end of the hall?  It is giving me a glare...

Twirling around I run back to the safety of my bed

What of the monsters?  I don't know...I am covering my head

Under the covers, I hide myself securely and tight

Fearing the whole time those monsters that creep in my room tonight

Morning comes and of course the horrible creatures are gone

My parents say it was my imagination...But I know that they are wrong

I know that the monsters will return to torment me some day

But next time I'd like to be a bit bolder...Or so I hope and  pray.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

PURE BOREDOM PEOPLE.....that's ALL it is, I swear

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