Crimson Battle


A single razor long and thin

The horrible pleasure as it breaks through my skin

That control I get over my own fate

My own hands over the wounds I create

Others don't understand my life or my mind

If they only looked closer, they'd fear what they find

A desolate prison for body and soul

Those horrible years with everlasting toll

My crimson blood, so beautiful and red

The tears on my pillow as I cry in my bed

All those simple factors that tear through my heart

I spend all my time alone, just ripping myself apart

Those blackest of nights filled with hatred and rage

Alone in my room, my own silent cage

Fleeing into darkness escaping the prison

Knowing the consequences, accepting my decision

Shivering and cold, where I am, none can tell

But I won't go back home, not back to that hell

Who cares if I'm found, no loved ones to cry

Nobody to mourn me, if I was to die

Returned by a force, more powerful than me

Why don't they believe me, why don't they see

My words they call lies, my tears they call fake

As I sit here and suffer, all the pain that I take

The inhuman touches, the beats and the batters

My own crimson blood on the wall as it splatters

Nobody cares, not a soul in this world

Just my own hurt and sadness, in the corner I'm curled

Will I ever be saved, or is my fate sealed

Will somebody tell me will my wounds ever be healed...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one came from the inspiration my mom and friend gave me when they told me about what they went/were going though.

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