Untrue Friendship


You tell me your secrets, and think that I care

But my once loving heart is solid and bare

I've been through some things you could not understand

Things that have scarred my soul like a burning hot brand

You look in my eyes and think you see trust

But my face is just show and I smile when I must

You show me your tears and you open you heart

But all my emotions have been torn apart

I care not when you cry and say your in pain

I care not when your happy and have something to gain

You think I'm your friend and you think I adore you

What if I hate you and completely ignore you

I know that you think you can break through my wall

But I assure you completely, I'll only make you fall

Please leave me alone, and bother me no more

You can never heal the place in my heart that was tore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hmmm...I wrote this while I was inspired by a ...friend?

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