He couldn't see my weakness and he couldn't see my pain

He couldn't help me through my problems, my hands were too bloodstained

He tried to see into my heart and tried to find a cure

He couldn't understand my life and see I wasn't pure

I had his heart and left him, I didn't say goodbye

I didn't leave a farewell note, I didn't even cry

His soul was mine, I know it, but I didn't even care

I stripped the trust from inside him, and left him utterly bare

His heart I broke and shattered, and threw against the wall

I wouldn't let him lift me up when I began to fall

Although he tried to save me, I was far too lost to aid

He would have end up dying if I had only stayed

I tried to spare him that much grief and left before it was too late

My heart had already turned from him, and was once more filled with hate

I hate the way I hurt him, and the others who came before

I'm a witch, an executioner, the devil, a horrible, evil, whore

He still loves me with all his heart, that I cannot alter

I broke his will to live without me, when my life decided to falter

I cannot say I pity him for I am not that divine

My life is one big sinful lie, a never-ending crime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok, this is a poem about myself, although NOBODY will agree that it's like me ~_~ It's just a poem.

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