I know I'm not perfect, I know that I sin

But who the hell cares, I was never invited to Heaven

My life doesn't matter, my soul is unclean

I've fallen too far, with no hope to redeem

Just leave me alone to rot in my vice

You'll never be able to help me, take my advice

I've fallen from grace, that pure shining light

My heart is a pit, as black as the night

My death is inevitable, like the passage of time

My sins irredeemable, my soul marked a crime

I've never been able to tell you the truth

You have no understanding of my ways in whole sooth

So be on your way, there's no time for me

I'm an unsalvageable vessel...why can't you see

I won't ask for forgiveness, none will be given to one such as I

Who on this earth would ever care if I cry

My life is a failure, just like the one who is leading it

If I were to leave...I'd be an easy one to omit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hmmm....Ah, It's hard to say WHY I wrote this piece of shit -_-'

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