Vampire (Male)


Held tightly within his arms, the mysterious intruder slowly dipped me backwards, my back bending a little to accomodate him better. As I looked up at him, overwhelmed with strange feelings, I tried to take in how he appeared to me. His skin to begin with had a slight hint of a tan, mediteranian it would seem...he was pale though on all accounts. His thick, full eyebrows lay lavishly under his broad forehead, which itself was almost hidden by the elegant strands of thick, curly black hair that fell around his face. Held under beautifully long eyelashes, also ebony in color, were golden eyes. And when I say golden, I mean it...his eyes glimmered like a high quality, shined necklace would, even though the strange orbs of his were shadowed from the light. They had an odd spark in them, and small specks of the brightest green ever were placed randomly within his golden yellow eyes. Never had I been stricken in awe by such a vision such as this. Below his nose, which in fact seemed to have been chiseled from perfection itself, was the most wonderful set of lips I had ever seen in all my mortal life. His lips were full, and a bit darker than the rest of his skin, naturally formed to be in a pouty expression, giving him a youthful, rich look. His breath was sweet as he lowered his face down towards mine, and my body gave an involuntary shudder at this new experience. I was scared... This man had simply appeared in my room, as I was seated at my desk, writting a deep story to myself. I had stood up in surprise at his entrance, but before I had time to utter a word, I found myself in his arms, my eyes locked onto his. His stare was hypnotic and I felt as if nothing in the world cold take me from his grasp. It was a rather pleasant feeling mixed in with my terror. The man leaned his head in just a little closer, and instead of pressing his tender lips to mine as I had expected, he laid a kiss upon my cheek. His skin was cool against mine, yet his warm breathe flowed out onto my cheek, and again I shuddered in his arms. Not stopping though, the man laid kiss upon soft kiss, making his way slowly down from my cheek to my jawline, then very leisurely down to my throat. I was utterly devoid of things to say, and at that point I wasn't sure if I wanted to escape him or not... He kept his lips pressed against my flesh for a long moment, and before I knew what had happened, a small, sharp pain shot through my body. I immediatly fell light headed and closed my eyes in confusion. I felt something small slide down my neck...a drop of something perhaps...I didn't have the stength nor will power to reach up and see what it was though. My arms found themselves around the strangers own body, holding him close in an odd embrace. One of his hands reached up then, and gently stroked my hair, giving a more comforting feeling as my eyes began to feel heavier and refused to open on my command. My own grasp on him was loosening and I gradually began to feel somewhat detached from my body. What was happening? I hadn't the slightest of clues. His lips had not left my throat at all, and every now and again I could feel his tongue caress against the flesh of mine that was held by his mouth. I let out a tender sigh, and my head leaned over against his a little as I felt myself about to lose a grip on my conciousness. Suddenly I felt his hot mouth leave my skin and the cool air blowing against my flesh was a great surprise. His head pulled back and again I was under the observation of his amber eyes, my own finally able to open a bit. My own light blue orbs fell away from his and slowly slipped down to his mouth, which to my horrified surprise where a dark crimson shade. He smiled kindly to me, and I found that his teeth too were the same shade of red, and coated two, impossble fangs within his mouth. I wanted to scream for the full realization of what he had done to me came crashing down upon me like a tidal wave. I couldn't move though, my body just would not heed any command I desired to give it. Too shocked to do much head felt light as the air around me, and darkness took me over, hiding my mind away from what had just happened.

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