Mom N Da's 40th Anni.

Growing up knowing one another

Watching each other grow thru the yrs

He went on into the Army

She went to Chicago

Never in a million years they were told

Never have even one date

Despite it all they wed on Feb. 8th 1963

Back to Germany he went

In with his mother she did move

Step mom to a 5 yr old at the age of 19

But she knew it was love

Finally together as one in Georgia

A family they did have

Their oldest came to be a year later in '64

Then the babygirl they so loved in '68

And finally in '73 baby number three

From Georgia to Illinois

From Illinois to Texas and Hawaii

Finally restin in Illinois

The Army life would be no more

Twenty-five yrs of  moving his family to and fro

Was enough for he

Setting up their home  

Watching their family grow  

From 4 children to 10 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren

As their  family grew

So did their love

For  come this Feb. 8th, 2003

Will be

40 yrs of a marriage that wasnt to be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Anniversary to the most loving couple i know!!!  Love you both

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