*part 2 of the song "War & Peace"

Sunshine, creeping in my window

I don't know who you are

It's been dark, plain and simple

It's been that way for too long

A little love is all I need

to get back up, on my feet

A little peace is all it takes

to save the human race

So come down sunshine and

show us who you are

are you our savior

or just another star?

Your view is big and burning very bright

please, just show us the light

i'm sick of all the darkness

and this never ending night

Woman, coming through my door

I think I've seen you before

I can't remember where you're from

But I think I need your love

So come on, take my hand tonight

The world is better, we've seen the light

The air is still and the birds are back

The sun will follow us wherever we're at

A countdown's ended, that man is no more

So let's move on like never before

Change the world? I guess we can try

The best we can do is put up a fight

So come with me, please take my hand

let's go find our promised land

This isn't the end for us, my friend

But now that some peace is here

let's see what will happen

Watch the sun come through the clouds

Feel that cold wind stop somehow

This isn't a dream, but a reality

it just depends on you and me

Let the sound come to your ears

The chorus of angels singing to the hills

Let love glow and float through the air

Like a cupids shot at the dark despair

For all those evils you should have no fear

there's no chance because the peace is here


I won't stand for the bombs in the air

No, I won't stand for children living in fear

But I will stand for the peace that is here

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