Into the Night

To you, a lullaby

to say my last goodnight to you

darling, close your eyes

don't say goodbye

i'll stay here with you

let the moonlight come to view

watch the stars fall over you

stay here with me for awhile

let your gray clouds blow away

crack a smile, it's okay

i'll stay here with you

open up, the night is here

let your mind set free

you don't have to say anything

the night is here, look at me

tell me what you want to see

you can say anything

one last verse to end the night

let you know that it's alright

i'll still be around for a while

midnight's feelings fade away

moonlight waves into a new day

i'll stay here with you

open up, the day is here

if you could just come near

i'll let you know anything

the night is gone, don't turn away

i'll be the sun making bright your day

you can say anything

goodnight, goodbye, goodnight, goodbyes

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