Wanting Change

Every day of our lives

We go on seeing bad!

We ignore it, how sad.

So it goes on, it thrives!

Everyday on the streets,

We meet people and all:

Drunks, paupers, misfits!

Do we want them to fall?

You say, they're part of life.

Why not just let them waste?

For a society, in this strife,

Is there a need for haste?

Wanting something so bad,

And wanting all things good;

To want something like food,

As long as for us! Not bad!

Take change in our society:

Aren't we a part of this family?

In each aspect, we're a member

Of this small world to remember!

Wanting change is not bad;

To be good is profitable too!

Bad is part of so-called waterloo

Life will be fine, so I'm glad!

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