Deep Within the Red

It doesn't take a cut
To hurt—to know
Because you're bleeding
Inside--from a blow!

Are past the hurt;
That's why dressing
The wound in the heart,

Where patches
Will work if correct
Deep, down—within
Care and respect!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 09.01.2019 (I have added more explanations after emending the actual which the following sentence was done in actuality rather than just simply providing an explanation—because despite having entered this reedition information already within the past three months' time that had passed, the actual corrective action was not applied.  See "..were shuffled in a correct/proper/grammatical order"); 06.08.2019:


minor change in content/form/semantical error:  


1.  "Down, deep within" = "*Deep, *down, *within ..were shuffled in a correct/proper/grammatical order"

2.  "--" = "—"

3.  "----------" = "—"



Thank you for reading/looking on!



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