Iba't Iba Ang Ating Nakasanayan (in Filipino/Tagalog language)








Iba't Iba Ang Ating Nakasanayan (in Filipino/Tagalog language)



Magkakaiba tayo

Kung pagmamasdan!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 11.07.2019 (for some punctuation error correction & a sentence construction error correction/emendation, too):  

It can be taken to mean as entailing the relationship that I have drawn between my own reflection about my informal studies of moral relativism (Moral Philosophy) & ethnomethodology (in Sociology, to be more specific); it was composed when I was delving deeply into the observation of how many cultures are there interacting with one another or with each other (in my own sphere); whereby it was considered how each of us have our own cultural backgrounds that impact almost anything (i.e., which could mainly mean an anthropological aspect of such a perspective).  While some are deemed not necessarily bad, those attributes might actually appear to be treated with repugnance (i.e. in another culture's point of view).  That is what I'm driving at or what the precise source of my conceptualization was (for this particular poem's inspiration).  It's the notion of the unintentionality of erring against each other whenever it had appeared in that approximated way (i.e. which, for me, may never be de-escalated or resolved without an effort in understanding it through self-reflection or self-directed learning).  It could encompass a variety of the cognate areas/fields of studies, suchlike: Political Science, Sociology/Psychology, Anthropology, et al.

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