A Mystery Called Love (Reedited)

A Mystery Called Love (Reedited, original version is reposted below)


Water splashed. ...might be the

mistaken window pane dew 

On that stormy Independence [Day] night that which he hoped he knew—



Just when we waited... expected,

for the fire, ..to shine; 

Later, we then have learned 

that 'tis...'tis a morning sign


If only the world is made for people

who know only love 

We, of course, would never 

have asked what 'tis made of. 

The reposted original, raw/unedited version:

A Mystery Called Love (unedited version)


Water splashed...might be

mistaken for window's dew

On that stormy independence

a night which he hoped he knew



Just when we waited..

expected, for the fire, to shine;

What we later have learned

that 'tis...'tis a morning's sign


If only the world is made

for people who know only love

We, of course, would never

have asked what 'tis made of.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 11.23.2019 (I have merely supplanted the former erroneous and inaccurate commentary emendation whose upadate date was accidentally deleted, as well.)


This is a poem that was composed on the 16th of Jul 2017 (edited:  but I'm not sure, because that was may actually be on the 4th); & 'twas done on the spot using my only Twitter platform in that spur (this I'm pretty sure was the case, which explains most of the prepositional/sentence sense/grammatical errors that I've committed often in a Twitter-type setting).  Thank you for looking!

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