I'm nothing more than a puppet
I sit here while you watch me

My smile always welcoming you
It's fake,
I am sad
I am lonely
I am over taken with emotions

My heart pounds harder
and my stomach is starting to feel queasy
I'm not real
I am WHAT you want me to be
I am WHO you want me to be

With you I am fake
How much longer should I pull off this charade
How is it that you don't realize how much i've changed
For you

My life
Seems to never stop revolving around you
When will you do the same for me ?

I am nothing
I have no one
I could disappear and you would not even notice

Do you even know i'm alive?
Don't you realize I don't fit in here ?

Yet I can't walk away
I can't leave you in this place
I wouldn't be able to live without you
I would cease to exist without you.

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