Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece



I am an orange puzzle piece amongst

7 billion red ones

Place by place, I am crammed

They cannot decide where I go

Moved by sticky fingers and cold hands

Who empathizes with a puzzle piece?

I am classified as an “inanimate object,”

I sort of kind of fit right here

And I guess I look okay

But in the end they realize

Their mistake

I am an extra orange puzzle piece

When the puzzle is entirely red

I belong to a puzzle that does not exist

I belong to a puzzle that is dead

I am “close enough”

But not exactly perfect

I was the center piece

A thousand years ago

But now I am a solid piece

A solid piece of “alone”

I am the only one who made it through

From the orange puzzle piece crew

I am orange

I am a piece of mind

I am a puzzle piece

I know I don’t belong here

But I can’t tell you that

It’s not my fault that I was salvaged

It’s not my fault that I got put in the wrong box

I do not a have a voice to deny my place

I do not have opposable thumbs

To move myself away from you

I’d move under the couch until

Somebody vacuumed me up

No longer around to confuse you

I am similar but not exact

To the piece that you need

I only have two little nubs for “hands”

A space in one side

Where my closest friend fit perfectly

Years ago

I have a busy mind

And no voice to speak it with

It’s not my fault who I am

It’s not my fault what is

I am just a silly piece that doesn’t fit

You can rotate me

And flip me over

But I do not belong here

This jigsaw puzzle isn’t mine

The place I live is not my life

The time I spend is wasted

Because I know I do not fit

I wish I had a mouth and tongue


To tell all of you this

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