What Is Try?

What Is Try?
By Taylor Springs
September 23, 2012

How much do you plan to ask
Of a young and fragile girl?
Because I feel as if you’re asking me
To carry the world.

I can only do so much
I can speak and I can touch
But I can’t fix it all

I can sew the tattered edges
And take your balloon of doubt
But it’s up to you to hold on tight
Or let all of the air out

I try to smile
But I just cry
And as my cheeks are stained
And my heart broken
You tell me to “just try,”
Just try,
What is that?
What is Try?

Is try giving everything?
Or just a small piece?

What if I give it all
but you just take it and leave?

Then I’ll be alone
Without my piece called Try

I feel as if
my friend Try left long ago
He left me with an empty shell and broken bones
His own hope and despair rattles within my shattered ribcage
As I hear him call for home

Try feels like he’s everything
I have left to give

What if I already gave my Try away?
I feel I’d be an empty lump of matter
And mattering
Is something I simply wouldn’t do

Who looks at hidden lumps of matter
And enjoys their subtle presence?
Lonely shells of emptiness
Do not get noticed
Lumps of matter do not matter

And I want to matter
I seek it
I crave it
I need it
But mattering does not exist to me

I exist without Try and Matter
My Try and Matter left long ago
Maybe someday they will return
But for now
I’m all alone

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