Every Time

June 27, 2010
By Taylor Springs

Every touch, every kiss, every hug
I’m falling deeper and deeper in love
And to be honest,
That’s kinda what I’m scared of

When you’re close,
That’s when I’m scared the most
I’m trying to show you the love I know
But I’m dreading the moment when you must go

It’s the loneliness I can’t bear
I love it when you touch my hair
I love it when you do a lot of things
And when I’m alone, I just can’t think

Just when I’m about to go crazy
You text me, “hey baby”
And my heart skips a beat
I’ve been through a lot, I hope you see

Every time I talk to you
It’s a heart to heart
And when it’s time to go
I get torn apart

Every time
I get a rush
I hope you know
It’s more than just a crush

It’s a combination of things
Anxiety, OCD
But it’s great to be
Your one and only baby

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about the same person that "Never Thought" is about.

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