August 3,2016

August 3, 2016 

Rip ....

Yes im serious 

Feel like the 

Timing is right 

My mood is good 

No need to keep putting it off 

Shaved my head 

As if I'm getting the chair 

My only pair of jeans on 

And my cleanest dirtiest shirt 

As Johnny cash plays in the background 

My affairs all in order 

Freed up a whole day 

Case Nerves kick in 

Making it take longer 

I just hope it's what I think it will be 

Hope  loved ones understand 

Hope the skies divide 

And bright light appears

Harps and violins playing 

As the peak is reached 

Magical moments are made 

Life long memories created

I'm doing this for me 

Whether selfish or not 

Consider everything I put on hold for others 

Would really like news to cover it 

Next day world wearing r.i.p shirts 

Singing my praise 

After all once it's done 

It's over 

No do overs just go it again if failure is the out come 

Good or bad know for sure I'll get mine 

Maybe twice 

Quick one then 1 more 

Only few hours away 

If I would've had another 50 she would be here now 

3'7" blond bubble ass matching tits 

Lady who likes to be called midget 

Get tossed around and pleasure her man 

69 minutes to go 

But I'll say it now 

R.I.P bucket list number 1 








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