My Everything

Here I am 

Thoughts of you 

Running through my head 

Dick twitching stiffing 

Perfect image planted in my memory 

Only female to do this to me

Bathroom jacking during work hours 

Which I guess means 

Because of you 

I get paid to pleasure myself 

Fully clothed head to toe 

And I'm the same 

It's the look in your eyes 

The softness of your voice 

Feel of your touch 

The way you walk towards me 

And that ass when ur going away 

Cause me shortness of breath 

Having to sit 

Knees get weak and tongue tied 

Amazed  u even exist 

Growing up u were my what if

What if I meet a girl more beautiful then any other

What if I date a girl that every man wants 

What if I get to marry a girl that's beyond what I could ever dream off 

Everything a boy dreams of 

And a man searches for 

A fool let's go of and a

Blessed man gets a lifetime with 






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