Promise to Quit

I promise to quit 

After a few times of promising 

Gave my word 

Who knows how many times

Made the final time

The next time

A100 times

Man how time flies

When only 1 thing 

Controls your mind

So I quit believing in time

To figure out that was the wrong time

Then I thought 

What would be a right time 

And if a right exist 

Why not wait for the perfect time

Now who can argue that 

That's the best line of all time on time 

So let's carry on 

And wait for our time

When the light shines above me

Won't  waste any time

It's the top spot 

I'll take  it and run

For the 1st time 

Could be my  last time 

But baby when it starts to dim

I'll be back in no time 




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