158 Ramblings of O Anna Niemus


"To oppose the abortion of fetuses

while approving the execution of

adults is to value the sapling

more than the centenarian oak."

"The bumper sticker reads Never eat anything with a face. But

never eat any being that moves."

"Every country has its blackhole...

its crimson blooded closet it likes to hide

from others."

"Many executioner judges seek refuge from their own consciences in


"Jesus said you cannot have 2 masters. To pledge allegiance to an illegal government is to have a 2nd master, a dirty filter between you and your conscience, between you and God."

"The birder purchased a murdered chicken's cadaver to attract

vultures, similar to those network programming directors

who deliberately pander to the lowest in humanity."

"The etymological source of the word vermin is a Latin word for worms. It evolved to the human chauvinist meaning of

rats as parasitical. War profiteers are vermin."

"Uric acid (pre urine in meat muscle cells) is a chisel .. it has written lines like a music scale in the brow of George.

Animal fat based cholesterol is a paint brush... it has

tinged his complexion rosy red.

Hormone laden animal flesh has given

him swelled breasts (gynecomastia)

Flesh consumption makes nonvegetarians 23 to 36 pounds heavier

than vegetarians, vegans or fruitarians.

Turkey consumption gives human necks

turkey wattles.

Lack of vitamin C makes people's skin hang."

"Those who work in hierarchical structures are more likely to obey

authority and to perceive authority as just than those who

are not attracted to pyramid structures of management."

"A divine compassion struck him

and he became verbal

about the rights of each mouse and gherbil

and the rights of trees and bushes

and all beings herbal."

"Karukul is the wrinkled fur of murdered or stillborn lambs."

"He was sickened by the smell of the cooking blood of the lamb.

He didn't like the thought of eating babies."

"It is not meant as an insult to pigs to say that when one

eats a lot of pig flesh one begins to look like a pig."

"In that election Michiganders

protected doves but not ganders."

"God bless you a million times said one and the other replied:

Why impose limits on His infinite blessing."

"What sweet little boys live inside every hardshell crab man."

"Just as cooking animal flesh creates carcinogens

methylcholanthrene and malanaldehyde after 300 degrees..so the microwave... with much higher tempartures... creates more carcinogens."

"Communists and socialists

include Jesus and all adherents to

spiritual systems which ask us

to love our neighbors as ourselves

Communism is economic democracy.

Capitalism is oligarchic plutocracy."

"Cats censor phone calls by stepping on the disconnect button, change radio stations by strolling over the turndial

and edit computer text by walking across the keyboard."

"The goose he ate now pecks

at his liver

The pieces of the fish he suffocated

lie in his lungs blocking his breath

The pig he confined... now confines

his movement.. as uric acid crystals

block his joints

The cow he bludgeoned on her head

.. had fat which now clogs his brain

The chicken he choked.. had bones

which caught in his throat. Time to break the cycle."

"You God can provide infinite varieties of manna now for all refiguees, all

the hojeless, all the hungry. `````."

"For those without possession, cleaning, movement,

organization, focus on priorities are many times easier."

"For those without possessions, cleaning, movement,

organization, focus on priorities are many times easier."

"Children are taught to murder animals at 4H, county fairs,

biology classes, science fairs, and in churches which obscure

the life and teachings of Jesus."

"In pedophile rings around the world

are boys below the age of 10 dying

of AIDS... gasping for each breath."

"Scylla and Charybdis: A Minnesota Health Dept spokesperson

said giving undercooked meat to a child was a form of child

endangering equivalent to driving with him in the car at 90

mph, while a Seventh Day Adventist MD said that cooking meat

over 300 to 350 degrees forms carcinogens malonaldehyde and


"It is worse to be a pedocidal maniac, bombing children, or

advocating their bombing, than to be a pedophile."

"Spanking is a form of violence. Children who are spanked, slapped or beaten are more likely to be violent as adults

since they must hide their rage until they are more powerful."

"Paul helped murder Christians. Peter after called away from

suffocating fishes, lied about knowing Jesus,

deserted him. If Christ took these men as the ones to whom

He would bequeath the gifts and fruits of the Spirit, He will

give the same to any who ask."

"By the word commitment,

mental health activists describe the victims of shrinkocracy,

the deliberately single think of slavery,

and the disciplined of the path ahead."

"The young men leave in shiny uniforms with martial music

and marching bands, clapped on by cheering crowds. They return

without eyes, in wheelchairs, in coffins."

"The drug cartel dominated World Health Organization has promoted panic re false pandemics."

"The soldiers of the poor in coffins lie

for war profiteers' coffers.. they did die."

"Nobel gave money to worm abuser Craig Mello

who to the small and powerless has not been mellow."

"Masters are as detached about death as an actor on stage

watching another actor exit. They know that infinite joy, love

and power lie in the eternity beyond the curtain."

"Some are nonchalant. Others are chalant."

"Oliver North in the White House sabotaged the rescue helicopters sent in to rescue hostages by President Jimmy Carter.

This was not a Trojan horse operation but Trojan nuts and bolts sabotage by Oliver North and Bush."

"Coats brush against each other hanging in a crowded closet.

Those whose sexual encounters are as casual and detached

as this spread Aids, syphilis, gonorrhea, crabs, and other

sexually transmitted diseases to many and are a public health


"As the victims of Jonestown were programmed to line up

and drink poison they thought was Kool Aid, so pharmaceutically

dominated regimes and the World Health Organization line up

sheepish people to take lethal socalled flu shots."

"With widespread Republican owned 'voting machine' company fraud,

it is time to offer an unsecret ballot option to those Americans

who wish it. Voters should be able to post our choices on an internet site and perhaps to notarize this at a local board of elections."

"Infinite is the variety of vote fraudsters.

A unified One is the way of the Sun."

"Foes are cocreators for their attacks on our theses bring

forth new syntheses."

"Thank you, foe, for releasing adrenalin the father of energy in me.. as wands release water from rocks."

"Gasoline nozzles look like guns. Oil cartels are holding up

the world."

"Gold daisies grow round crumbling grey stone

pillars. Jade green vines mausoleum columns climb.

Silently they say that eternal souls leave dissolving form."

"Declined his focus on the scatological

as he meditated on the eschatological."

"The element of fire, and the constellations sagittarius

and aries, do not want to be identified with warriors or hunters,

those who snuff the lives of other beings."

"Fish cannot scream."

"The karma for removing the breath of fish

is to experience problems of breath. God's mercy

is available to those who stop eating fishes."

"Trees can't scream

Fish can't scream

Stroke victims can't scream

Debarked Summa dogs can't scream

in the laboratory."

"Let be the salmon, bass and marlin

and be all the fishes' darlin."

"Every egg is

32 hours of imprisonment in a tiny cage for a chicken, 300 mg of cholesterol, 120 gallons of production water."

"Vegetarianism is an easy transition when you have a lot of delicious

alternative foods in your home."

"Soldiers are being fed expired food, in both senses.

They are being fed food in which the time stamp has expired.

They are also being fed carcasses of animals who expired

in slaughterhouses."

"Those who like to cook and those who like an immaculate

kitchen are not necessarily the same."

"Those whose hands and heart hold onto old resentments are not

free to grasp infinite new opportunities. One must clear the

screen of the past to receive new images on the tv."

"Carnivores temporarily get away with their crimes because animals are voiceless and helpless... like children are to a pedophile."

"The lottery

kills a lot o trees."

"Unlike God gardener control freaks

demand order.

Weedwhackers chop

each trusting green tendril

in gutted borders."

"Every macadamia, almond, or walnut grove

is an unheralded treasure trove."

"The laws of some countries say God cannot be brought into

courtrooms, libraries. God is omnipresent. God is already there."

"McDonald's has killed more Americans than highway accidents,

booze, Iraq, Afghanistan, and cigarettes put together."

"When a chicken has leukemia, industry obscurers call it leukosis..

but it's cancer just the same and can be transmitted to those who eat chickens."

"Has your mind attempted to deflect your heart?"

"History is often written by the pawns of military abusers."

"Bucephalus was a more noble being than his rider."

"Not parental humiliation but Spirit creates humility."

"sour bitter fruit in time becomes sweet and soft,

so all serially killing hunters in time will become nonviolent."

"God give boys, teens, and young men who don't want to hunt

the courage to resist and the grace to reach their older friends."

"It is said that a stitch in time saves 9. Sometimes God allows

a small injury to a hunter to deflect him from a life of

serially killing mammals and birds."

"A former animal flesh lobbyist like Bolton doesn't have enough reverence for life to draft any peace resolution. He is an illustration of why the

British in the 19th Century kept butchers off of juries."

"When a governor, prosecutor, judge, policeman kills a killer, he becomes a killer."

"Honeybees and monarch butterflies

.. ants, ladybugs and glowing fireflies

thank you for buying nospray organic

... for hearing their mufflied cries."

"To pleasure seekers welcome is

the croquet wicket

But to the small and vulnerable

cricket the croquet ball is wicked."

"What is premarg? It is an abbreviation of 2 Sanskrit words, prema

(love) and marga (path). All whether they realize it or not

are travelling premarg."

"Anandashakti is Sanskrit for the energy (shakti) born of joy (ananda)."

"For the same reason that British juries once disallowed

butchers believing the occupation was desensitizing, the bench

should disallow members of intelligence agencies because

of the lawbreaking and violent work."

"As long as there is an unelected Supreme Court peopled by serial killers of prisoners, rubber stampers for war profiteers, ratifiers of election thefts, and insider traders for slaughterhouse invested

'mutual funds', there can be no fair trial at the 'highest'

levels of the US judicial system."

"Those vegans who do not drink alcohol or smoke satisfy

many of the dietary restrictions of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Adventists, etc."

"When owls die, the CDC calls it 'west nile virus'

.. when it's avian spongiform encephalopathy

or Mad Owl..

from parts of other animals

in the bowels

of the owls."

"Some in the 'pro life' movement attempt to cheapen the word

'life' by defining it very narrowly to include only a tiny

sliver of living beings.. fetuses. Many antiabortionists

are not opposed to genocidal slaughterhouses with their shrieking

agony, to prison executions with their many poor, black

and innocent victims, to supporting wars in which their taxes

pay for fire to rain in bombs on children."

"Never become enmired in a single

land war in Asia said General Douglas MacArthur.

And Bush replied: That's ok.. we're not involved in a single war...

but two."

"Since Arabs are Semites, is it not antiSemitic to bomb the babies of Lebanon?"

"The number of hunters among young men has declined by one third

as the new generation knows that killing animals is not proof of manhood but the opposite.


"I stood in Cairo, Illinois witnessing

the mystical marriage of the Mississippi to the Missouri.."

"American media are propagandists and war pamphleteers

.. babybomber cheerleaders and arms profiteers."

"What do the meditater and nonviolent archer share?


"As the body gets older, it is more difficult for the soul

to write on the brain, as if it were a sailor trying to write

upon water."

"What do chickenhawk warjocks

and serial killers have in common?

They are nearly always white males doing acts of violence

and the majority of their victims are women."

"Capitalism is the religion of mammon, capital, the hoarding

of which is opposed to the teachings of God."

"What is homicidal pedophilia?... the love of the flesh

of slaughtered children.. lambs, cows, and other innocents."

"Slaughterhouse workers, fast food chains, agribusiness are

the hitmen who do the bloody work for which service the purchaser of animal flesh pays."

"If trees had no feelings

or bird and squirrel residents

it would still be wrong to

ax the spines

of cherry, oak and pines."

"No matter what the past has been, the future is perfect, powerful,

spotless, infinite."

"Dick Francis said 'you can't keep mountain mist in a cage'.

However some mystical souls voluntarily remain in a cage for


"The most effort, the most energy, the most constant

striving is need for slaughterhouse food systems. The easiest

system, in which God's Light does the work, are fruitarian

systems. One puts a grape or peach or mango seed in the ground

and God adds the rain, the sun, Mother Earth, and time."

"Cut class not grass."

"Those who love animals

wear no fur or fake fur.

Those who love trees

buy live or fake firs."

"To buy a Christmas tree is treeson."

"The difference between the stable in which Jesus was born in an

animal trough called a manger.. and the Amish barns... is that Jesus prevented animal slaughter and the Amish cause it."

"The Dukhobors left Russia

and went to Canada with their

universal Tolstoyan nonviolence.

The Anabaptists (later the Amish)

went to the US

from Germany and left

Jesus' vegetarianism behind."

"Martin Luther and Henry the Eighth democratized Europe

by fighting the Catholic church hierarchy and distributing

church lands, but today Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Catholics

have all been negatively influenced by their leaders'

involvment in military violence and unwillingness to follow

the pacifism of Jesus Christ."

"To focus on rockets and slingshots while the nuclear club

(US Israel UK France Russia China India Pakistan) bullies the world and dominates the racist and undemocratic UN Security Council is wrong."

"What are those who say their desires over the 'wishbones'

of turkeys called? Witch doctors using the bones of animal


"The Latin but not Sanskrit educated members of the intelligence

services like to quote

Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.

If you desire peace, prepare for war when in actuality

Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet pacem is accurate:

If you desire peace, prepare for peace. For just as apples

come from apple seeds, peace comes from seeds of peace."

"What consumer activists term as the 'least expensive' prices,

Wall Street calls 'weakest'."

"As potted plants in too much water rot while others die of thirst,

so wealth concentrated in hoarding hands harms both the holder

with excess and those who lack by negligence."

"Pay not for the peapies Pa serves on the Po."

"The BBC is still using ludicrous antedeluvian classist

titles like Sir, a title which with a few genuine entertainers as exceptions is awarded to war profiteers, animal killers, oil polluters, and megathieves."

"Anti-Semitic is a deceptive word frequently

flung at anyone who opposes

Israeli government aggression, including

Israeli peace activists who are labeled

' self hating Jews'. It is deceptive because

Arabs also are Semites."

"From London to Kowloon there are ever moguls and tycoons

who profiteer from monsoons, from hurricanes and typhoons."

"Is it blasphemy to say grace over the decomposing carcass of a murdered bird? Can this be compared to the sun breaking

gold as counterpoint over a battle scene of red?"

"The God Who's

protected kittens

by clothing their paws

in fur mittens.

Has with

love for all life



His love comes

to you.......unbidden."

"they wait for your eggs

little chicken in the cage

jailed 1 day for each."

"It is necessary sometimes to fill soldier coffins

in order to bloat war profiteer coffers."

"Giving hundreds of billions of dollars to war profiteers

to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan and then hundreds of billions more

to other corporations to rebuild the bombed areas with

shoddy construction is crazy."

"Animals are viewed legally as property by human chauvinists

as were slaves in the US before the Civil War

and as women still are regarded in many countries. Yet the law

requires that these 'properties' be fed and watered and sheltered."

"A woman or man who advertises her or his body on the internet can be compared

to a flower losing petals while aggressively waving at passersby."

"It's lower than Oedipal

to consider animals edible.

Cadaver slices under

microscopes yield sights incredible."

"The racist Woodrow Wilson, president of a racist school, Princetonn, disparaged what he called hyphenated Americans."

"Is it racist to say better fight them over there than here?

Does it imply that God loves your own country more than another?"

"In every lemonwood grove

is a free fruit treasure trove."

"The compassionate give no more thought to their sacrifice

for others than does a stream flowing downhill."

"National identity, race, religion, age, gender, economic status

.. are they barriers or bridges to the oneness of all?"

"those established in peace

are as uncentered by others

as the ocean by a stick thrown

into the seas."

"Several sex stars have metamorphosed into animalprotecting saints."

"To listen to God the pryaer is silent.

But the kingfisher thief is quiet

to cause the fish an agonized riot."

"The greatest sinners can become the greatest saints in turning

around and using great gifts for good."

"When the sky turns from violet to umber

angels rouse us from our slumber."

"Smoke is harmful whether it comes from a polluting factory's

smokestacks, from a smoker's lung, or in benzopyrene form

from a barbecue pit."

"It was the socialists of Russia who more than any other nation

fought the Nazi regime. 27 million lives were laid down on

the altar of the defeat of Hitler."

"US generals looked the other way during the Vietnam War

as the entire country of S Vietnam was turned into a child

prostitution ring. Everywhere nations' militaries go,

families at home are shattered while STD's such as AIDS,

fatal syphilis, gonorrhea, crabs etc. abound from

promiscuity, heterosexual and homosexual."

"Court gag orders are a violation of freedom of speech, as are

many laws passed by an illegitimate congress, an unelected

court 2 of whose members were nominated by an unelected coup d'etat

White House."

"As fire drills train building residents to leave quickly

so a yogi is ever ready to slip from the glove of his body


"The greater the carried burden, the stronger becomes the body

of the carrier."

"When a helicopter is shot down, the spirits of a war profiteer

go up."

"All earthly experience is maya, illusion. Yet God encourages

the people of all paths to regard the suffering of others not as illusion but real.. and to work to end it."

"When time's red brush paints the skins of people of any race..

is it animal fat (cholesterol)... alcohol.... the side effects

of many multinational companies' drugs.. is it rosacia..?

Sometimes it is simply the kiss of the Sun."

"God is like the Sun

He sheds His rays on Everyone."

"The Republicans don't deserve the noble intelligent elephant

as a symbol. Their symbol should be a dirty dollar bill being

swept down a storm drain."

"When children 'make mistakes' with

their different angles of vision

they open new doors

in adults' minds."

"The Amish have a tradition of using old technology.

They avoid the stun guns, electric shocking rods,

and conveyor belts of illegal alien staffed slaughterhouses

and instead choose axes and knives to murder the mammals and

birds they raise to kill and eat."

"What is the difference between snakecharmers and snakehandlers?

The difference between love or control."

"It is more difficult for virgos to throw things away,

because they see the consciousness of matter, the divinity

of objects."

"God end now travelers' travail

as billions more take

to rolling train rails."

"Peach treesdissent in having

impeach.. which means to put a peach

seed an inch or 2 below the soil

for germination .. or to preserve the

freely given thousand pounds of peaches

in glass bottles etc....

refer to the removal of regime

leaders. Nevertheless peach trees

too support the removal of the illegal

regime operatives."

"While profiteers in secret castles

to weapons marry gold

outside glow the ever peaceful


"Some pro-war Americans were upset, alleging that Hugo Chavez

had insulted the President of the U.S. But I heard no ridicule

of John Kerry or Al Gore."

"Government and corporate lawyers jump up like so many Jacks

in the Box to shout 'objection objection' to silence the voice

of truth in a courtroom. Likewise do their moles in internet


"Shocking rods, knives, clubs, kicks, chain saws

are the last human tools slaughterhouse bound animals see.

You can eat flesh because you are more powerful, vocal and organized than the voiceless animals who can shriek but not verbalize.

You object to activists while you pay for hitmen at slaughterhouses.. hit men whose life expectancy is lower than others' because terrorized animals kick, and the feces they dump in terror cause slips and fractures.. their ecoli causes diseases...

the men get carpal tunnel in the cold... not even illegal Mexicans

work in slaughterhouses anymore.. now it's illegal Guatemalans

who are hired by Tyson's, Perdue, Smithfield, Cargill and other operations."

"In a prison a stare can be an aggressive dare

while it can be at a dance.. lovers' mutual first glance."

"The bomber pilot was shot down into the hell he had helped

create. His parachute caught fire from the flames raging

on the ground. He saw children screaming, elders weeping,

and suffering everywhere."

"We have government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.

God give every country now government of the people, by the people,

for all beings."

"Each average sized tree evaporates 40 gallons of moisture

into the atmosphere daily.. wrote reseacher Bayard Webster.

This evaporation becomes mist then clouds and then rain.

The best way to end deserts is to plant trees by the trillions

and irrigate them in areas of no rainfall."

"A divine wind was made by the gentle to and fro of monarch butterfly wings."

"What kind of curse is on

desires filled by wishing

on the bones of murdered birds?"

"Working for someone else is slavery, a form of timewhoring,

in which others' priorities not your own take precedence."

"Monday morning is when most heart

attacks occur.. as people are going to jobs they hate. Friday

afternoon at 4:30 pm is when most traffic accidents occur.

So monday morning heart attacks and friday afternoon accidents

bracket a week of slavery to absurdly overpaid bosses. Solution:

become your own boss and do the work of your heart."

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