Ft Detrick Anthrax

As easily as some

phone or send a fax

do Ft Detrick linked labs

send through the mail



Ft Detrick linked lab sent live anthrax through mail

Frederick lab probably got anthrax from Ft Detrick and sent

it live through the mail

Children's Hospital Researchers Exposed To Anthrax

POSTED: 3:09 pm PDT June 10, 2004

UPDATED: 10:27 pm PDT June 10, 2004

SAN FRANCISCO -- At least six researchers may have been exposed to deadly anthrax after a shipping foul up led them to believe they were working with dead rather than live bacteria, officials said Thursday.

None of the researchers from Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute has shown signs of infection, and officials do not believe they were exposed, said hospital spokeswoman Bev Mikalonis. However, she said they were being treated with antibiotics as a precaution.

The researchers, who are attempting to develop an anthrax vaccine for children, thought they were working with dead bacteria until mice they were using in experiments began to die.

The researchers followed proper procedures while handling the anthrax shots, Mikalonis said. The liquid anthrax went directly from the syringes into lab mice, she said.

"We do not see a threat or a danger to anyone in the community," said Dr. Richard Jackson, California's public health officer. "This really has been very well-controlled."

The anthrax arrived in Oakland from the Frederick, Md., laboratory of the Southern Research Institute about three months ago, Mikalonis said.

Thomas Voss, who is in charge of homeland security and emerging infectious diseases at Birmingham, Ala.-based SRI, said the company is investigating.

"We aren't totally sure of the sequence of events," he said.

Mikalonis said other workers who were in the area when the researchers handled the bacteria may have been exposed but she did not elaborate. She said federal, state and local officials -- including the FBI -- are investigating.

The Oakland laboratory is located about a mile from the Children's Hospital but officials said there was no threat to the hospital.

Anthrax attacks killed five people and sickened 17 others in 2001 in the United States. No one has been arrested in the attacks, which spurred the development of better vaccines and treatments than are currently available.

Anthrax produces severe flu-like symptoms in most of its victims. If inhaled, ingested or otherwise introduced into the body, it can kill.

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News today reported that Children's Hospital Oakland

had received live anthrax THROUGH THE MAIL

and had exposed 6 lab workers to it.

It is doubtful that parents were notfiied of the lethal

research. The hospital is one of several hundred US sites

involved in weaponized anthrax, live anthrax or dead

anthrax research. Anthrax used to be called wool sorters'

disease. Like many bioterror research pathogens, it is

derived from systems of animal slavery and slaughter.

Elsewhere, another Children's Hosp. in Akron Ohio is

seeking permission to kill a 5 month old baby. The guardian

appointed by the hospital is taking the opposite role, that

of the Demon of Death.


Discovery Of Size Changes Of Bacillus Spores May Lead To Simpler, Faster Anthrax Detector

Berkeley - The spores of a microbe closely related to anthrax swell with increasing humidity - a physical change that might allow quick and cheap detection of Bacillus spores like anthrax, according to physicists at the University of California, Berkeley.

The swelling is a surprise to microbiologists, who have assumed that spores of the Bacillus bacteria, which include anthrax (Bacillus anthracis), are a dormant, resting and basically inert stage of the microbe.

The swelling, observed of spores of Bacillus thuringiensis, bacteria now often used to kill insects that attack crops, may be diagnostic of all Bacillus spores and may allow scientists to distinguish between different types of Bacillus.

"If we are able to discriminate between spores based on size or swelling characteristics, it's a test we could do in seconds to minutes," said Andrew J. Westphal, a research physicist at UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory.

Westphal and UC Berkeley physics professor P. Buford Price, along with microbial biologists Terrance J. Leighton and Katherine E. Wheeler of the Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, will report their findings next week in the online early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The article will be posted on the Web sometime during the week of Feb. 10.

On Jan. 22, the federal government began to deploy environmental monitors to detect airborne bioterrorism agents, including anthrax and smallpox. The system relies on filtering air and sending the filters to a lab, where any attached microbes would be cultured and identified. Even with advanced techniques such as PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to detect microbial genes, the turnaround time would be 12-24 hours.


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Children's Hosp Oakland Endangers Children With Live Anthrax


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b. in administration

c. pharmaceutical reactions

d. strokes

e. slips of the knife

f. surgeons who are inebriated

g. many other factors


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Frederick lab probably got anthrax from Ft Detrick and sent

it live through the mail

Children's Hospital Researchers Exposed To Anthrax


today Liz of CNN was again promoting the Likud

WMD line for Iraq.. while ignoring the thousands of WMD

sites in the USA, Israel, UK, China, etc

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