Minnie Mouse


They heard Minnie

Mouse and were reminded

of Minnesota Minnie

and Missouri Mouse

and how they

created a false

Republican Senate

and House


Minnie .. Minnesota.. where 'voting machine' fraud arranged for VP Mondale

who was 8 points ahead in the polls.. to lose.. after the GOP bosses

arranged the murder of Wellstone

Mouse.. Missouri... where the same 'voting machine' company arranged for Mrs Carnahan

to lose to Talent after arranging the murder of Mel Carnahan

in a plane.. (this murder of Democratic Senate candidates

has happened at least twice in Missouri.. the opponent

of Purina heir Jack Danforth did not survive the plane crash in 1976)

Minnie plus Mouse is Minnie Mouse..

owned by Shamrock-Disney-ABC of Eisner

Walt Disney drew mice in his Kansas garage

at his desk.. those

that he allowed to scamper

over his desk.. he loved

all animals.. yet the corporation surviving

advertises and brutalizes

animals in his name

(It is a violation of the law for Disney or air waves corporations to be held by a foreign

company.. in this case the government of Sharon)


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