!* Omnipotent Mercy


O Little Town of Bethlehem

they build a wall around you

.. with missiles and bulldozers

they surround you

We thank You God

that Your angels

are tearing down the wall


for himself a chickenhawk

for others is Tom a hawk

sending the poor to war

voting for missiles and bombs

nukes and tomahawks

Before he voted

for baby bombing and other

forms of human termination

his specialty

was termite extermination


Jesus said feed the hungry.

Dobson says make them work at minimum wage for food.

Isaiah said 'turn your weapons into plowshares'.

Dobson tells his radio audience to turn the food money of the poor into weapons

with which to kill Iraqi and Afghani babies.

Jesus said "Peter put down your sword."

Dobson says .. we don't need swords in Iraq. We need Lockheed

Raytheon Carlyle Group and other weapons systems.

Jesus told stoners to put down their stones as He stopped

an execution in progress. John 8:7

Dobson works for Supreme Court candidates who are serial

  killers of prisoners.

God told Moses not to kill.

Dobson's state kills many cows.

Isaiah said "I delight not in your blood sacrifice"

Dobson has lasso'd prolife Christians through wolves in

sheeps' clothing networks such as PAX and CBN and TBN.

These wolfled people do not realize that their taxes pay

for jet pilots, partial birth abortionists of Iraqi and Afghani women and children. http://www.all-creatures.org

The 5th Angel said not to harm any green living being.

Dobson is a mouthpiece of plutocrats, the most

polluting rapists of Mother Earth in the country.


Jesus said to give the 11th hour worker the whole day`s wages.

Dobson says to take 8 hours wages away and give 1 hour, as he helps

Walmart and McDonald`s and Fox bust unions. http://www.ufcw.org

Jesus said "Ye are living graves, mobile cemeteries"

(Greek sarcophagi.. translated as whited sepulchres.. literally sarx

flesh phagi eaters)

Dobson promotes the politicians of the cattle industry.


The Bible says to care for the widow.

Tom says... threaten Social Security and

break the word of the US govt. to veterans.

Psalm 104 says God made the whale to frolic in the sea.

Tom sends the Navy sonar to kill the whale.

Genesis says to protect the animal (dominion.. protection)

Tom says to harm the animal.

Jesus who never sent anyone to a doctor said 'thy faith has saved


Tom wants to force you to take smallpox vaccine against your will.

Jesus said 'what you have done to these the least of

My brethren you have done unto Me.'

Tom is a former bug killer, whose chemicals have

taken the lives of Cesar Chavez, many farmworkers,

many of God's creatures.

Jesus said "I am the Good Shepherd.. the Good Shepherd

lays down his life for His sheep."

Tom is a chickenhawk.. in an administration full of

chickenhawks, from AWOL Bush to Cheney who asked for

5 deferments, to henhawk Condoleeza Rice.

God said Thou Shalt Not Steal.

Delay is a recipient, like Larry Lindsey, Bill Kristol,

Kay Hutchison Wendy Gramm of Enron money, 4 billion

of which was stolen from Enron employees, California

energy users, Florida and Ohio pensioners etc.

Isaiah said "I delight not in your blood sacrifice."

Tom's friends get awards from the Safari Club for killing bears


and endangered species.

The Bible says vegetarian Methusaleh, longest lived man, was 969.

Tom promotes animal flesh which shortens life.

Jesus says "blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy."

Tom supports the Univ of Texas animal cruelty programs, where 50,000

research animals were drowned and primates are kept in slavery.


Father Mother God in the name of Jesus Christ and all beings strike

off their stolen thrones now and for the rest of their lives Tom

Delay, Don Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney, Powell, Orrin Hatch, Arlen

Specter, Mike DeWine, Sununu, Antonin Scalia, Wm Rehnquist, Sandra

Day O'Connor, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Clear Channel, Rupert

Murdoch, Michael Eisner, Ariel sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, George

Voinovich, Bob Taft, Rick Perry, George Pataki, Dick Gephardt, CIA

judges on appellate courts, Evelyn Stratton, etc


http://www.matthewscully.com Christian Bush speechwriter who is upset about hunting

but not about the eating of animals.. who is not upset enough with Bush to quit.

Those belonging to that camp of oxymorons, Republican Christians,*

are working actively to defeat any gay marriage.

And yet they are the bulwark of Rupert Murdoch's Fox Network (London Times, NY Daily News, Fox Sports etc) which is actively advertising the sleaziest of gay shows


and yet these nominal Christians support wars which generate gay lifestyle

by busting up families and throwing large numbers of men

into canned sardine like proximity

Submarines.. like factory farms.. generate disease because

of crowded conditions..

Unless a gay man is faithful, if he is involved in certain practices he spreads ecoli, syphilis,

AIDS, and other STD's throughout the population

Knowing this, the monsters at Merck in cooperation

with the DOD (Dept of Defense) created a program to do just that...

advertising for promiscuous gay men in NJ for a 'hepatits'

test program... this along with the Africa prong of their

plan.. has spread AIDS and death to 300? million

Rupert Murdoch, Michael Eisner, Mel Karmazin

.. Sharonistas not as wise as Solomon

use their power to promote

war, slaughter and Sodom

O Little Town of Bethlehem

they build a wall around you

.. with missiles and bulldozers

they surround you

We thank You God

that Your angels

are tearing down the wall


Rupert Murdoch's Roger Ailes, news director at Fox,

created some of the most racist ads broadcast..

the Willie Horton ads.. which ridiculed the principled

stance of Mike Dukakis against capital punishment

** Jesus spoke against war, violence and slaughter..

and yet there are those who call themselves Christians

who support the genocidal campaigns against the people

of Iraq and Afghanistan

thank You God for hearing the prayers of billions

and removing Bush Cheney Wolfowitz Rumsfeld

Scalia Thomas and others from office..

thank You for dismantling the Republican Party

(The blacks and Latinos of Houston, of Texas, and of the USA have been disenfranchised by

Tom Delay's fraud.. He is the pawn of Amarillo cattlemen,

Houston executioners, Exxon, Halliburton, SBC, and most

other violent Texas corporations. God dismantle his network

now) http://www.naacp.org http://www.aclu.org


*** If you ask members of the Log Cabin Republicans

(gay Republicans) at what age does pedophile become

legal consent, you will get many answers (16, 17, 19, 21,

18. The absolutists will tell you that children have the right

to have sex with any adult.. as they justify their rape..

operating in networks which kidnap the children of Thailand,

Mexico and elsewhere... exchanging children at Disneyland

and other child attracting places.

Factory farm sites:


http://www.ufcw.org representing workers fired by Texas Walmarts

http://www.jesusveg.com http://www.epa.gov/greenacres

http://www.internationalanswer.org http://www.indymedia.org

http://www.jimhightower.com http://www.dennisweaver.com

http://www.pcrm.org http://www.mccruelty.com

http://www.peta.net/feat/military http://www.democrats.org

http://www.primatefreedom.com http://www.hsus.org http://www.ivu.org

http://www.notmilk.com http://www.hogwatch.org http://www.nrdc.org

http://www.cousteau.org http://www.aldf.org http://www.meatout.com




http://groups.msn.com/boycott http://www.amnesty.org

http://www.aclu.org http://www.nonviolence.org

http://www.paxchristiusa.org http://www.plumvillage.org

http://www.jewishveg.com http://www.jewishpeacefellowship.org


























for himself a chickenhawk

for others is Tom a hawk

sending the poor to war

voting for missiles and bombs

nukes and tomahawks

Before he voted

for baby bombing and other

forms of human termination

his specialty

was termite extermination

(God thank You for taking those who kill

out of office today)


Some Christians are not aware of Job 38: 31

or of the fixed astrological cross represented in Daniel 1

and in Revelation .. nor are they aware that Jesus

was speaking of past lives when He asked the crowd:

"Who do men say that I am.. ?" And the reply came listing

those incarnations others thought He had been. There

are many wolves in sheep's clothing who use the garb

of Christianity to manipulate and to kill.

Tom Delay April 8, 1947 http://www.astro.com

Tom Delay has sun in aries and saturn and pluto conjunct in leo.

At its worst saturn pluto is a control freak..

continuing in this life the dictatorial tendencies of the past

One example .. that he had Homeland Security violate

the rights of Texas Democrats and try to round them up

when they caucused in Oklahoma.. another his remark "dead on arrival"..

about a popularly supported bill he did not like.

As his progressed sun walked from Aries into Taurus,

money became more important to him than life and

he became an exterminator. Yet he manipulates the prolife


Amos 4: Ye have built houses of hewn stone but others

shall live in them because ye have offended the just.

God has not yet awakened his 3 planets in pisces

.. to the rights of innocent, juvenile, unrepresented and other Texas prisoners

executed.. to the rights of Iraqi children or Afghani seniors

or Colombian citizens.. nor to the Godcreated insects

he used to exterminate professionally

He has a north node in gemini.. conjunct John Kerry's

planet.. thus Delay criticized Democrats' patriotism

he ignited a return explosion

Another pluto influence in his life is jupiter in scorpio..

he administers scorpio stings in private..


how did he achieve power?

He was a beneficiary of the murders of Wellstone and Carnahan

.. the theft of Senate seats by Diebold and the GOP

in NH, MO, CO, MN and elsewhere


His throne is stolen from disenfranchised Houston blacks

and Latinos

God remove him from power now.

Father in Jesus' name send a firefall of grace to all beings

now and forever. Remove all violence from the planet now.. dismantle

every missile, every slaughterhouse, every execution chamber,

every suffocater fishing net, every extermination warehouse

full of poison.

We do not know how long You will keep Tom Delay in the House

We ask for his complete transformation.. humble him

into kneeling before Your Universal All Embracing Divine Love,

Your Love for every Iraqi, every Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist,

Jew, Christian, agnostic, atheist. Cause Delay to begin

the journey to make amends for the human beings he has

sent to war and the creatures he has killed

for the 100th lambs, Lord, are those who have done the most violence.


While those who have killed

can not delete

nor rewind

.. Your grace can melt the crime

Of Your Omnipotence it reminds



God You can destroy the infrastructure of the violent Israeli regime

without harming a single being. You can destroy violent

infrastructures everywhere. Please send Your angels to do so now.


Suffocating smothering

In the ship's filthy greasy hull

lie tens of thousands of fish

from the latest fish 'cull'.

Nets comb the sea not to

make her beutiful but

to steal her babies.

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