Poem Litany

"The best landlord is one who

does not evict human beings

or squirrels and birds from

apartments or trees."

"If Cleveland Indians'

Wahoo is racist

are not also Boston Celtics?

naming a team for only part

of the city?"

"Is anything besides the mind ever boggled?"

"What does one call

those who clog their

cerebral arteries

with oxen fat?


"As fast as my Mad Pig brain holes grow,

my coffee generated brain tumor fills them in."

"Meat or the flesh of animals has a distinctive

addictive taste of uric acid, pre urine or

trioxypurine, 3 oxypurines to every 2 of caffein..

dioxypurine. If you miss it, just take out a veggie burger

and wizz on it."

"the inebriated one

found his attempts

at statue-tory

rape painful

(bring down

statues of


"the 'tastiness' of flesh is the uric acid or pre urine

in flesh.. if one misses these trioxypurines he can take out a veggie burger

and whiz on it."

"They've cut out their tongues and

the larks can no longer sing

the birds can no longer fly

they've cut off their wings

and in their next lives

larks and birds will become

those who've cut off

larks' tongues and bird wings."

"The government of China

has become like

UK and US a pirate

of innocent kidnapped

pharmaceutically abused primates."

"She said

she'll shill for Shell

but I'll not shill for Shell

I'll not crush the shale

nor cloud the shoals

I'll not crush the shells."

"Do all beings go

eventually to heaven?

Yes, even

Richard Perle

and Bill Gates

will some day enter

the pearly gates..

(not pearls from oysters

ripped from their cloisters)

.. and yes

also you and I."

"Kwon Yin from China

Jesus from Israel

Buddha from India

Rumi from Afghanistan

Martin Luther King from America

Leo Tolstoy from Russia


millions of anonymous women and men

live nonviolence


"The United States was founded

by the violent overthrow

of a violently founded throne."

"John Deere sent

Mother Earth

a Dear John letter

as he prepared

to shred more of her children."

"At the camel

auction slaughterhouse

the camel lot

the rejected creatures

see no Camelot."

"The path to the Mideast

is littered

with Nobel peace laureates

who have not yet achieved

what can only be achieved in

each heart."

"737 American

soldiers.. dead

in Iraq..

not a general

among them..

not a chickenhawk

among them."

"They are immobile and voiceless,

and cannot ask for the mercy of water,

those trapped caged house plants.

In the winter they feel no breeze

nor are they touched by a hand which frees."

"Mel Karmazin is meretricious.

His Viacom is avaricious

His CBS is quite litigious

His public nudity is

planned and vicious.

His Likud Party is

vengeful, vicious.

It's time to exorcise the


which have entered Karmazin

through spirit lesions."

"George Tenet's charm

covers his arms

as a velvet sheath

covers a bloodied sword.


George Tenet head of Murder Inc. whose agency has

had Afghanis die under their interrogation

cannot be trusted not to plant WMD's in Iraq."

"Death penalties can be imposed by unelected judges

and by unelected Pentagon generals. In Iraq death penalties

have been caused by

.. depleted uranium 80 times the normal level.. which has generated cancer in Iraqis as well as Italian American and other troops

. compulsory vaccines from the warprofiteering

pharmaco-military industrial complex

. Lariam, ostensibly antimalarial drug made by Roche which

have killed 4 wives whose husbands had drug caused rage.

. heat rising to 137 degrees and melting soap as well as

turning metal soda pop cans on a loading dock into

chambers in which Nutra Sweet becomes more toxic

. Baghdad Boils, face lesions, blamed on sand flies... food poisoning deaths from heat on military packagedmeals

. ' friendly fire'

. lack of protective gear

. helicopter malfunctions in Chinook, Osprey

and Black Hawk helicopters

. underfunded hospital system

. those hostile to the invaders and occupiers of their own Iraq."

"Bush says he prayed about Iraq.

Unfortunately the voice he heard

was not God's but Bush Sr's."

"The radio show caller said not to

call it the Iraq War but to

call it the Bush War."

"Celibate the mouths of

Only those monks

and nuns and priests

who eat no meat."

"He is careful

with his copulation

thinking earth needs

no more population."

"Meditation turns

loneliness into loveliness."

"One can't get diseases

of Mad Chicken or Mad Pig

by eating tomatoes or

almonds or figs."

"It is said the devil

quotes scripture.

So do devil's advocates


his pawns."


for himself a chickenhawk

for others Tom a hawk

voting for missiles and bombs

nukes and tomahawks

Before he voted

for human termination

his specialty

was termite extermination."

"By not polling

younger cellphone users

Even Zogby and Pew

do toward Bush skew

while Gallup ABC

and Newsweek

obey ever

war profiteers cue."

"the bee does not fly with honey on his wings

.. matter is irrelevant where the spirit rings."

"when he realized

his planets zodiacal

he stopped being


"We have heard that Superbowl Sunday is the day of most

domestic violence.. alcohol is one of several factors

while football is early programming in war for an imperial


"Football is preprogramming

in war with Superbowl Sunday

the day of most domestic

battering, demons rushing

in where alcohol has made

aura lesions.

The people

are encouraged to be

sheep on the sidelines

led by women cheerleaders

believing their only job

is to support men. Booze

and animal flesh

abound in the stands

and in the homes of

inactive spectators."

"Union Carbide desecrated

India with

killer insecticides

brought to Bhopal

They violated Hinduism

All bugs are sacred


Ahimsa's Gopal


(the biggest industrial accident of all time.. involved several thousand deaths

..as killer insecticide gas killed humans.. )

Ahimsa nonviolence

Gopal.. name for Krishna as protector of cows and all beings."

"Like the sun, truth is self luminescent.

It is reality, self evident, needing no external defense.

It is immediately recognized by resonant hearts.

It can be hidden for a short time by clouds

or by imprisoning others indoors..

but inevitably truth conquers all,

as does love.

God whose name is Truth whose name is Love is ending

the violence in the world now."

"Not might

but light

lit Maccabees'


through the night."

"John Kerry went to


for his nation's glory

He returned from war

knowing it gory."

"What is the difference between Palestinians and Americans?

Not all Americans realize they are occupied."

"Because he has

helped abuse lab animals

in speaking normally

or ex cathedra

millions of Catholics

define themselves as

ex cath."

"What's in Spam?

nostrils brains?and eyes

intestinal linings and uteri?

anything swept from the slaughterhouse floor?

except the blood already out the door

Spam comes from offal

Spam smells... awful

from murdering pigs Hormel makes Spam

from butchering pigs Hormel makes ham."

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