American Servicewomen Raped

A military

dominated by males

continues to oppress

the poor and females


American Soldier: Victim of War Profiteers


God bless American and Sunni and Shiite

and Kurd soldiers

chief victims of war profiteers

by Wolfowitz Rumsfeld blown apart

by Cheney and other violent Bonapartes



1 DEPLETED URANIUM 81 times the world's average, their resulting lesions called Baghdad boils are attributed by generals and war profiteers to sandflies.

Dutch soldiers refuse to remove the depleted uranium,

which can cause immediate damage to the prostate before

its longterm effects.

2 by LETHAL VACCINES of Chiron, Aventis Pasteur, Lilly and Glaxo Smith Kline

over 100 million doses at 20 to 40 a shot.. or several billion

for war profiteers

3 SUICIDES (from conscience, from stress, from drug reactions,



5 by FOOD POISONING from packaged meals and from Halliburton

contracted cafeterias


7a by LAND MINES which US cartels want kept legal (US Govt one

of world's only non signers of the treaty)

7b BOMBS by some of the 13,000 cluster bombs dropped, 2000 of which are by

Blair's troops

8 by OFFICERS who care more about carnage than the safety of their



10 by those fighting the occupiers of their own country.* Each day

the situation becomes more dangerous as volunteers pour into Iraq

from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria. There are over 10,000 American


The amputee wards at Walter Reed and other hospitals are full.

11 by machines, e.g. shoddy dangerous designs in Osprey helicopters

and by vulnerabilities in Chinook and Black Hawk helicopters ..

Sikorsky one of companies

12 by an underfunded understaffed undersupplied VA hospital system

gutted by the illegal administration. With curious blinders

some who call themselves prolifers support this slaughter.

Every jet bomber which kills a pregnant woman is a partial birth

abortionist. chickenhawks henhawks such as

most women senators, sissyhawks

13. American soldiers are still dying, untold thousands, from

Agent Orange, napalm in Vietnam, in Colombia

14. American soldiers are still dying, untold thousands, from

Golf War Syndrome. Those who have not died in some cases have

passed birth defects to their children from Agent Orange,

Gulf War Syndrome, and depleted uranium.

15. US soldiers in Afghanistan are getting frostbite. 39 soldiers

died of frostbite in 1 night in Korea. The generals' feet

are toasty warm..

16. PTSS Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome..

plagues untold millions.. some in a recognizable way

.. some in a hidden way

17. Mother soldiers, given 2 years duty, trying to explain

to their crying preschool children

18. dead soldiers' parents and families are denied

contact with their loved lost ones. The corporate media of Michael Eisner (Disney ABC), Mark MaysClear Channel, war profiteer GE's NBC, Rupert Murdoch's Fox, Mel Karmazin's violent Viacom (MTV CBS Westwood One etc.) have decided not to cover funerals while the military has barred filming of caskets returning to Dover AFB in Delaware.

19. legal slavery still exists, not only with employees locked into midnight shift Walmart warehouses

but with soldiers whose tours of duty are extended against their will

20. 7000 American soldiers have been used as human guinea pigs.

21. contact with violent military machines has an effect in desensitizing human beings

22. In Florida, California and elsewhere US soldiers have

been ordered by military to destroy or to take to the pound their pets.

23. US military and CIA torture in Afghanistan where at least

2 died while being interrogated and in Iraq (documented by human

rights groups) endangers American soldiers, subjecting them

when captured to the same barbaric standards.

24. There have been 22 alleged suicides among the 500 some deaths

of Americans. Some of these may be murders masked as suicides.

25. Any involvement in a violent system has negative associative

effects for those involved.

26. NPR reported insufficient medical supplies and medical

personnel for the several thousand injured.

27. 4 wives have been killed by husbands given Lariam (Roche)

by military. Families have been subjected to the drug use,

violence, venereal and other sex diseases brought home by

victims of the family busting military.

28. American WW2 vets' benefits have been cut while billions have been sent

to the racist apartheid theocratic state of Israel.

29. The military which penalizes men for being gay after cramming them into submarines crushing them like sardines for months at a time has driven men stationed in Africa to whorehouses.. in which

7 women serviced hundreds of men..

30. The Rumsfeld Wolfowitz Lieberman Bush Cheney Karmazin cartel which runs this country has made America so hated that our soldiers are not safe anywhere.

31. by 137 DEGREE HEAT, which can turn

soap bars into liquid, turns metal packaged ingredients more toxic

32. US Military has violated international law and USA law in scheduling military tribunals

for aide and body guard of Saddam Hussein. In violating the rights of others they put American soldiers

as well at risk, just as the arms race begun by USA and Likud

war profiteers has caused weapons response in other


33. Congress in February 2004 held rapes on American servicewomen, 100 of whom have reported being raped

The United States is the only nation whose military leaders have dropped an atom bomb.

After WW2, the US generals set a new low in treatment of prisoners, as 12 Germans were

hanged (requests for suicide or being shot were turned down).. (the 12 took in some cases 20 minutes to die of strangulation as sadistic military chose to make them die in agony.) Even today the US military and regime are not in the 108 or more nations who have banned the barbarism of capital punishment.

Since Time Magazine, part of the warmonger Time Warner network, chose to name the American soldier as the person of the year .. it is good to remember how Time Warner and other war profiteers

cause military families tears


Lariam by Roche was in the blood streams of 4 returning soldiers who

killed their wives.

Venereal diseases, AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis etc. spread as men seek

hookers or peers. Alcoholism, drug use, anger and mental illness are

brought home to wives (and in some cases husbands).

There is unwanted pregnancy on navy ships. National Guard and

enlisted are having their tours extended

against their will. Birth defects are caused by depleted uranium,

napalm and other toxins.


US military have forbidden the televizing of returning caskets

and the war profiteer managers of American network tv are happy

to comply. They show virtually no family interviews unless the

family can be roped into saying they support the war. At home

circuses by professional pornographers are held to

divert us from Caesar's carnage (Caesar being international cartels

ad the rapers of Wall St.)

US generals are lying about American casualties and deaths, refusing

to tabulate Iraqi civilian casualties, denying 1st amendmet

access rights to peacemaking journalists.

With the exception of Seymour Hersh and a few others, the media has

censored news of Sharonistas fighting in American uniforms.

(Seymour Hersh) The Likud Party minority does not speak for Israelis.


Primates are irradiated at Brooks Air Force Base. Dogs are used as minesniffers. Whales

and porpoises are killed by Navy sonar. At Ft Campbell tens of thousands of blackbirds have frozen

to death, sprayed by detergent in winter.

Animals have been bombed on 4 or 5 continents. Donkeys and dogs are routinely shot at Israeli

checkpoints. Rare Afghani mammals have been suffocated in caves, buried alive by US daisy cutter

bombs, made by war profiteers.


Leonard Horowitz reports in 1 of his 9 books that 1 billion dollars

was given to Battelle of Columbus Ohio and Tennessee by the

CIA to further develop weaponized anthrax. Ft Detrick had sacrificed

4000 monkeys in 1 weaponized anthrax experiment alone. Parts of Utah

are so toxic with military waste that birds flying overhead have been

seen to drop dead. 300 or more American universities, private

corporate labs, pharmaceutical companies and military labs are

working on anthrax and other WMD's. The US is in violation of the

nuclear nonproliferation treaty.


extended tour of duty.. another word for military slavery

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