In the rain, the precious rare family

photos were being erased..

the computer wiring was being


.. neighborhood scavengers were

taking off with the family's possessions

which had been curbed

.. they could not afford a truck..

nor a car to transport what was

treasure to them..

nor a storage room let alone a place to stay..

they lived in a city in which homeless

people had frozen to death

Pro landlord law influenced by legislator

pawns of lobbyists allowed the

serially evicting landlord to do her worst.

She had created a trail of many families

who like the Son of Man had no place

to lay their head.

God make the world kind now.


Brownshirts are Nazis

Blackshirts are Mussolini Fascists

Redcoats are mercenaries of

a colonial government

White coats are mercenaries of

drug company dominated hospitals

Greens are a worldwide political

party with many moles

Yellow: a word of derision by war

profiteers against those who refuse

to kill their neighbors

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