Mary Had A Little Lamb

Ft Detrick.. NIH

Bethesda Naval

Ft Meade

University of Maryland

Johns Hopkins

Perdue  the crab industry

the USDA library


Maryland has become

Anti-Mary Land

In Maryland when Mary has a little

lamb.. it was rescued from a lab


... Venging angels bring their 'terrible

swift swords' to destroy Maryland

but their hands

are stayed by seeing Plowshares

and the army of Berrigan and

McAllister.  The clouds of

NIH Bethesda Naval and the USDA

and Ft Detrick rain away

.. remains the sun of spirit.



At Johns Hopkins rats &

lab assistants & the underground

turn the table on Frankensteins

.. injecting them with the

neuron destroyers with which

human monsters injected the animals.


UM is Sanskrit for the Divine Mother

.. but the University of Maryland

holds a rabbit meat production class.

Each student is to purchase, feed,

the prisoner through the semester.

The 2nd final class is the killing

and skinning of each's rabbit.

The night before, all the rabbits

disappear from the cage .. the

Rabbit Liberation Front held the raid.

God destroy now all animal research, all forms of violence

to any being on this planet, today and forever.

Thank You.. God.. we ask this in the name of all

beings who have been sacrificed

The Gospel of Mary states that she was a fasting

vegetarian who loved animals

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