Tree Air Conditioners

Old people sit in 90 degree apartments

in the US, as the world's air conditioners,

trees, are cut down in the Amazon rainforest

and elsewhere at frightening rates


Ben Cohen

speaks not in koan

but straight

from his heart




In this endorsement, I am speaking out as an individual -- and not on behalf  of any organization, business, government, labor union or armed force. Nor  does it imply that there will soon be an ice cream flavor named Kucinich  Kreme.

You know me as a Vermonter, an entrepreneur, a Grateful Dead fan, and a  longtime advocate for a peace dividend -- for providing money we need to  invest in our children, our schools, and our environment by reducing Cold  War-era Pentagon expenditures. There is one candidate running for President  who supports the values most important to me, and most critical to the  country. That candidate is Congressman Dennis Kucinich, the co-chair of  the Progressive Caucus, and the leader on Capitol Hill in challenging Bush  Administration foreign policies that make Americans less -- not more --


While others discuss incremental change, only Dennis Kucinich advocates changing the way our government is run in order to reflect the values of  America's people. As Granny D says: "We are the people who believe in a  world of environmental beauty, of happiness and not exploitation, of  justice and not oppression and torture. A world safe for children... We  believe in international law and cooperative action."

How we spend our money as a nation reflects our values and beliefs. Look  at your personal check book, and it tells you what is important to you.  Our nation's checkbook tells us that our priorities are all wrong -- and  Kucinich is the one candidate bold enough to say so. He calls for funding  human needs such as universal healthcare, education, environmental cleanup  and expanded programs for the poor, the cities, the elderly, and he does  it at no additional taxpayer expense by shaving up to 15 percent of the  billion dollar a day Pentagon budget.

Because of our skewed national priorities, municipal and state governments  are in crisis, as are school districts. Other candidates offer compassionate rhetoric about leaving "no child behind," but it's just lip service without  putting your money where your mouth is, and getting rid of tax breaks  benefiting the wealthy.

So in this election, voters should say: "Show me the money. What will you  cut? What programs will you expand?" I like the answers provided by Dennis  Kucinich.

On the subject of checkbooks and money, if you donate some cash to the  Kucinich campaign, it will help amplify his message that America needs to  reverse course -- and head toward peace and economic justice. And it's not  like he's going to get a donation from Enron or Hallibruton or the big

corporate PACs anytime soon. So check out his web site at (Donate at

My top priority in November 2004 is defeating George W. Bush, and I will try  to make that happen even if Dennis Kucinich does not become the Democratic  nominee. Win or lose the nomination, his grassroots presidential campaign is the vehicle for expanding the party, moving it in a progressive direction, bringing in new voters, and reaching out in a serious way to bring back  disaffected voters. That's another reason I endorse Kucinich for President.

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