Ronald McDonald And The Homeless

Managers smile

at the front door..

while Ronald McDonald bounces

the homeless at the backdoor


Washington DC Area Shelter closed at request of McDonald's!

by Luke 2:44pm Mon Jun 23 '03 (Modified on 10:30pm Mon Jun 23 '03)  

The Franklin School, which Mayor Williams opened late last year as an "overflow" shelter for about 200 people, has been shut down because of complaints about the homeless from area businesses to Jack Evans and others. One specific complaint was from McDonalds at 13th and I, and was that the homeless were asking to use their bathrooms.

That's right-McDonald's just forced the closure of an entire shelter-over 200 beds-just to keep homeless people from ASKING TO USE THE BATHROOM! As I recall, there was a story here in Indymedia about that same McD's being the target of a direct action over that very issue last fall. I guess they are slow learners!

Anyway, a coalition of area activist groups including the Grey Panthers, probably Students for Peace and Justice, Mayday DC, and a long list of others is going to be having vigils on Mondays at 12 noon in front of City Hall(1350 Penn) beginning on July 7th and continuing until Franklin School is either reopened as a shelter or (better) converted into low income housing, presumably in the form of subsidized apartments instead of the planned yuppie condos.

In additon to attending the vigils when you have time on a Monday, you also have one more reason not to eat at McShit!

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by tim 7:16pm Mon Jun 23 '03  

wow, that mcshit is pretty far away from there, why would a shelter close from complaints from capitalist america? are you sure it's not a warm weather deal? also the yuppies are surely frothing at the mouth at that hot spot.

Filthy Bums

by Leo 7:43pm Mon Jun 23 '03  

Filthy bums and crackheads hanging about in a private business is, simply put, bad for business. They should use the restrooms in the shelter. There is no need for them to be hanging about a business that provides jobs and commerce in the community. I live in DC, these folks are not interested in anything but handouts and drinking/drugs.


by i 10:30pm Mon Jun 23 '03  

just curious Leo, what political flavor do you favor? you a republican? Its nice to know there are such compassionate people like you out in the world.

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