Navy Haiku

At Bethesda Naval

B43 a baboon sat

for months confined

to a chair.. forced

to defecate and sleep

in it



A dog freed from

the Bethesda Naval


diverted millions by

naval intelligence

directed against

animal rights activists


At beaches around

the world whales

are dead, their brains

exploded by Naval sonar


In Iraq, babies lie

in hospital wards..

burned.. by bombs

launched from US Navy



Dozens of Navy chaplains

who become enfired

with Jesus' message..

suddenly become

accused of fraud

or sexual imposition

by the military


A biographer of John

Paul Jones reports

that among his writings

are homoerotic doggerel


In the words of Garibaldi,

Bacchus has drowned more

than Neptune


They drink to forget

their dreams of

burning babies


One inebriated sailor

walks along the pier

.. falls in..

the shock of the

water wakes him


Antwone Fisher

.. a bright light

in Navy white


In Washington County,

people organize against

the Navy's proposed destruction

of animals and trees.. pollution

noise for

a landing strip


Oceana in Virginia Beach,

Cherry Poknt in NC

naval bases


opposes a proposed Navy

landing field in Washington

County NC

A snow goose in the engine

could bring an aircraft down


Engineers with their 'royal'

task of redesigning cages

for human beings.


The Royal Engineers attached to the Royal Tank Regiment have taken over an old Iraqi military training school to house their prisoners, its white-walled entrance decorated with a picture of a smiling Saddam Hussein surrounded by images of a tank and a soldier giving the victory sign.

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