Haiku Attempt: Miss Piggy

"I would not like to be

an Oscar Mayer wiener"

sang Miss Piggy..


http://www.mad-cow.org 7700 articles on Mad Cow in the US

and elsewhere

Oscar Mayer, whose wiener mobile was designed by Harry Bradley..

Oscar Mayer.. a Satanic Pied Piper which foists Mad Pig wieners on children

Oscar Mayer..  which puts lips and snouts and intestinal

linings in their hot dogs

Oscar Mayer.. which did or did not discontinue sodium

  nitrate.. a red dye to hide the brownish color of

  slaughterhouse offal..

(nitrate with animal protein forms carcinogenic nitrosamines)

Oscar Mayer.. which killed 1100 terrified screaming pigs

  every hour in Madison.. so that the smell sickened

  those who lived in the neighborhood of the plant

Satanic Pied Piper

Oscar Mayer, Satanic Pied Piper,

tempting children to eat poisoned pig

through Oscar mobiles and the music of hell



Oscar Mayer.. which killed 1100 terrified screaming pigs

  every hour in Madison.. so that the smell sickened

  those who lived in the neighborhood of the plant

WHAT'S IN A STADIUM HOT DOG (144,000 sold in 1 day in 1941)

Female Hormones? Why? So the animals will gain waterweight before being butchered.. and make more profit.These hormones are banned in Europe becausethey cause prostate, uterine and breast cancer


Sodium Nitrate Sodium nitrate, red dye no. 2 forms with animal proteins in the stomach to makcarcinogenic nitrosamines. http://www.ivu.org/recipes

Why are hot dogs dyed?  Because otherwise they would be brown, the color of the intestines.http://www.meatout.com

What Are Natural Casings?  Some hotdogs come with an NC on the package, standing for  natural casings. Natural casings are the actual intestinal links of the butchered animal, and are like everything else saturated with ecoli or colon bacteria. http://www.pcrm.org

Lips Snouts Ground Up Hooves Eyelashes Tails Spinal Cords  Other Slop from Slaughterhouse FloorWhen profiteers say some hot dogs have everything but the squeal, they can be taken literally. Howard Lyman got a spinal tumor fromeating the meat of animals on his 4th generation Montana cattle farm. He promised God that if he recovered (he was told he would never walk again) he would end ranching. He began to tell the world about the animals fed to other animals.When he described this on Oprah Winfrey's show, they were both sued by Amarillo cattlemen. The 5thCircuit recently upheld them, saying the truth is not libelous. However the Amarillo cattlemen, majorcontributors to George Bush, Gov Perry, Tom Delay and others, have sued again.  http://www.madcowboy.com

Oh I'd Love to Be An Oscar Mayer Wiener is a lie by ad execs. In reality 1100 pigs an hour were butchered in Madison Wisconsin. The sound they make would rend any heart which is why slaughterhouses have the most turnover of any occupation. The kicking terrified animals make slaughterhouse and deep fishing the 2 most dangerous occupations. Oscar Mayer with its Oscar Mobile is guilty of criminal child endangering as it promotes leukemia and food poisoning engendering food. The Minnesota Dept of Health says to give a child rare meat is like driving your child 95 mph down a road.

So are you saying that hot dog buns are little coffins for the cadavers of pigs' buns?  Yes

Ralph Nader who is not yet a vegetarian.. said he would never

  eat a hot dog and wrote about why.

A meatcutter in upstate NY said although he was not a vegetarian

  he would never eat coldcuts or hot dogs.

George Bernard Shaw once asked a man with a meatless plate next to him if he was like Shaw a vegetarian. The man replied.. I wasn't til I became a meat inspector.

Revised July 10, 2002


http://www.pcrm.org (7000 vegan MD's)


Blood, trioxypurine, adrenalin, cholesterol, prions, fecal matter, colon bacteria, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, insecticides,  female hormones, antibiotics, mercury, arsenic, chromium, polychlorinated biphenols, no vitamin C, no natural bulk, senility, sterility, cancer, anthrax, lead, Mad Cow,  Mad Deer, impotence, fly dung, smallpox, tularemia, Alzheimer's, alcoholism, addiction


. THE BLOOD is called juice after its chemical nature changes from cooking.

. SWEAT OR PRE URINE is uric acid or trixoypurine.. more addictive than caffein (dioxypurine). It is the primary cause of arthritis and rigidity as it crystallizes into needles jabbing the joints. Uric acid would have been eliminated by the animal's muscle cells had she not been butchered. Carnivores have 5 times the kidney size per pound of body weight.

. TEARS THE ADRENALIN secreted by terrorized animals survives

cooking.. since it is a protein enzyme.. only some of whose links are broken.. it is the ingestion of anger, terror, and agony. Such meat adrenalin has been correlated to violence. A recent Maryland prison study reported reduced violence in those eating vegetables. Ingesting meat causes the body to be a constant state of unnatural alert.


. THE FECES poured out by terrorized animals has traces of ecoli or colon bacteria.. not only their own waste but that of other cows on which they often slip as they are being skinned alive at Iowa Beef  Processors or other sites. Dr. John Harvy Kellogg, affiliated in the last century with Kellogg cereals found that after a few hours ecoli (colon or intestinal bacteria) can multiply into the billions. As trillions of gallons of fecal matter are dumped into the waterways, ecoli or colon bacteria based infections are coming to vegetarians as well as nonvegetarians.


. ALzheimer's Disease is caused by ALcohol, cooking with ALuminum,  and the prions in ALlanimal protein.

. The animal fat in meat clogs cerebral arteries.

(Wm Shakespeare in "Twelfth Night": "He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinks it doth harm to his wit." )


C  is in no animal products.. It speeds up the flow of brain snyapse

messages and promotes connective tissue in the skin, said two time

Nobel Laureaute Linus Pauling, who

defined an orthomolecule as a molecule in fruit. C is a toxin bouncer.


Animal fat clogs the arteries causing heart attacks and strokes,

which are the single major cause of death in the world. Meat deaths

per year outdo alcohol, tobacco, and accidents combined. It is not

just the animal fat in meat which causes this, but the uric acid

(trioxypurine) is an unnatural stimulant, as is the adrenalin enzyme.

Adrenalin mobilizes the body for fight or flight. Meateating puts the

body in a constant state of stress.


Countries with the highest meat consumption have the highest rates of

intestinal cancer. Canada, Australia, the US, Argentina, and Chile

are some of these. Meat has no natural

bulk and causes a constipation which leads to total blockage.

OVERWEIGHT: Dr Mervyn Hardinge working at an Ivy League university

found that vegans weigh 23 lbs. less than nonvegetarians while dairy

vegetarians weigh 12 lbs. less. Fruitarians weighed least. In the 3

month study, the groups were

all given the same number of calories per day. The increased bulk and

lack of constipating flesh in vegetarian and vegan diets is a factor.

. ANTHRAX, SMALLPOX (COW POX), TULAREMIA  and other forms of

bioterrorism all originate in the consumption of  animal flesh or

contact with their skins (hides, leather making, wool sorters'

disease) The USDA which protects the multi trillion dollar

meat industry while attempting to prevent diversity in fruit seeds

from entering the country attributes only 700 deaths in animals to

anthrax last year (500 in Texas) while virtually only NBC reported

the anthrax in November 2001 in 21 California cows.


Susan Miller, voice specialist with Georgetown Univ Hosp (a

vivisecting institution) has spoken of the rigidity of vocal chords

caused by dioxypurine (caffeine). Trioxypurine (uric acid in meat) is

even more damaging.


An environmental magazine reported in Jan of 73 that the longest

lived people in the world were the 3 vegetarian tribes: Villcabamba

of Ecuador, Hunzas of Tibet & Pakistan and Azerbaijans or Abkhasians

of  the Caucusus. In June of 2002 NPR reported Abkhasians

118 years old, on a vegetarian diet. All have many centenarians.

Conversely the shortest lived

people are Inuit males subsisting primarily on animal flesh and fat

and fish flesh.

There are polychlorinated biphenols even in the livers of polar

bears. The country with the most vegetarians in percentage and

numbers is India. The United Kingdom, Thailand and Israel

have higher than average percentage of vegetarians.

AMYLOID PLAQUE  a biproduct of meateating correlated to  ALzheimer's

Disease as are ALcohol and cooking with ALuminum


There are tens of thousands of diseases caused by the consumption of

the flesh of animals. The USDA listed slightly over 100 in the early

part of the 20th Century, but as knowledge has increased and toxic

pollutants have saturated the environment, the number has increased.

PERITONITIS When George Wallace was shot, he never completely healed  

from peritonitis caused by the bullet ripping through his intestinal  

tract after he had just eaten a hamburger. The bullet carried colon

bacteria throughout the body.

GANGRENE The downed cows passed into the human meat supply by

the corrupt USDA are often gangrenous.

PUTREFACTION: Like any corpse, animal flesh (meat) deteriorates after

death. Even when the cadaver is frozen, creiophilic bacteria

multiply. (see below) The inability of the body efficiently to digest

animal flesh is a cause of appendicitis. When the animal flesh is

heated, thermophilic bacteria develop. Dr John Harvey Kellogg found

that billions of ecoli

bacteria multiply in the body after the animal is dead a few hours.

The phrase ecoli-contaminated is redundant since all animal flesh is

contaminated by ecoli or colon bacteria.

GELATIN a name for the ground up bones of animals.. which

  can contain Mad Cow  frequent brand name Jello

MAD COW MAD DEER MAD ELK ETC Dr Stanley Prusiner went to the

University of California from Harvard to receive more priority for

his prion work, which won a Nobel Prize. Mad Cow proteins can

incubate for 50 years said the World Health Organization's

communicable disease division on the CBC. (Gelatin containing Mad Cow

is found in jello, gelcaps, soaps, toothpastes, soups etc. Vegans are

catheterized much more seldom than nonvegans. However if by chance a

vegan is unconscious and catheterized against her will, often the

gels used against her will are animal derived.

The 5th Circuit has just upheld Howard Lyman after Amarillo cattlemen

sued him. The Court held the truth is not libelous.


HEPATITIS  The second cause of hepatitis is the consumption

of coprophagous (waste-eating) shellfish (lobsters, clams,

shrimp etc.) Raw sewage is dumped into the Atlantic from

several cities. Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver.

Dick Gregory states that eating liver can be compared

to eating the filter from a car.

. THE PRIONS cause cancer. Prion diseases include CJD, Creutzfeld-


Disease, GSS Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome, FFI, Fatal

Familial Insomnia,

Kuru, a disease cannibals contract from eating human brains, (as


contract Mad Cow, Mad Deer and other diseases from being fed other

animals' parts),

Alpers Sydrome

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