Haiku Attempt: DaVinci's Apples

DaVinci quickly draws

an apple at his desk..

with a hand made of apples

and a brain made of apples


(DaVinci's diet records the eating only of fruit..

for ethical and health reasons)

The Genius Diet

When animal fat

declines in the veins

and prions no longer

are wed to the brain

then can the wit

be newly lit.



William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night: He is a heavy eater of beef.

Methinks it doth harm to his wit.

Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel laureate in biochemistry for his discovery of six new elements, is known for his vitamin C work. (* He won a 2nd Nobel for his peace work).Pauling's research indicated to him that humans are frugivorous or fruit eaters. He found that the brain's neurotransmitters were very similar in molecular design to the biochemicals in fruit. He defined as an orthomolecule or right molecule.. those in fruit.

Leonardo Da Vinci: One day the world will look upon the eating of animals as it now looks upon the eating of humans. DaVinci's Notebooks, says author Dudley Giehl, indicate he was a fruitarian.

Albert Einstein was a vegetarian who once a year to appease his wife ate a bite of meat

  on a Jewish holiday.   http://www.jewishveg.com

Ramanujan, the great mathematician, was a vegetarian.

Benjamin Franklin: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

(Franklin wrote that he was a vegetarian until Paris where in his later years venery and venison

  harmed him.)

The vision of Vincent Van Gogh, who saw the divinity in all grass, creatures, and stars.. were amplified by vegetarian diet. He wrote his brother Theodore that he had stopped eating meat

after visiting the abbatoirs in S. France.

The singing violin of Yehudi Menuhin was helped by a dearth of cholesterol clogging

  the arteries of his arms and fingers.

Isaac Newton advocated vegetarian diet in his writings.

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein at the age of 19. She was vegetarian.

Bronson Alcott raised his daughter Louisa Mae Alcott on fruitarian diet.

Why do people have the illusion that meat is necessary for brain function? The uric acid or preurine in animal flesh is even more addictive than caffeine. It is trioxypurine whereas caffeine is dioxypurine. Both because they are toxic poisons give a stimulant effect to the brain and adrenal hormone system.

This is followed by a letdown.. a trough.. and such cycles can be a factor in manic depression.

However, fruit gives the brain the most even energy flow over a long period since it contains polysaccharides, disaccharides, and monosaccharides which become accessible in time capsule fashion.

The cholesterol from the fat of animals clogs not only body arteries but also those of the brain. Nondairy vegetarian, vegan, and fruitarian diets eliminate gradually this cholesterol buildup. Dairy vegetarians have clearer arteries than non-vegetarians Stroke is a term used for a brain attack.. similar in result to a heart attack.

The vitamin C recommended by Linus Pauling because it speeds the flow of brain signals across the synapses is found only in uncooked fruit and vegetables, and in much higher concentrations in fruit than in vegetables.

The relationship of genius to inspiration

Albert Einstein said in his autobiography that he was given the theory of relativity in a dream. The discoverer of the benzene ring wrote that he was given a clue.. a dream vision of a snake biting his own tail. Before that it was not known that molecules could be arranged in rings.

The inventor of the sewing machine was stymied, and was given a dream breakthrough as he saw Native Americans carrying spears through the forest.. spears with holes in them.

The composer Schumann told others he had a series of a violent explosions in his ears, after which he began to hear the music of angels. He said he was not the composer but the amanuensis or secretary of what he heard.

One factor in genius is the ability to empty the tv screen of the mind.. and to trust that solutions will occur there.

Asian Indians have the highest percentage per capita of PhD's. In the United States, Orientals in general do best in school testing. Asian Indians have the highest percentage of vegetarians (300 million or more), while Orientals in general have had traditionally less meat consumption in their diets. (This is not meant as a value judgment on the possession of a doctorate.)

Kurt Vonnegut: How old was Mary Shelley when she wrote Frankenstein? 19 years old (Ms Shelley was a vegetarian and wrote Frankenstein as an argument against lab research on animals.)

Genius Vegetarians

We believe that God in entirety indwells every being so that all have infinite intelligence. It is only that the size of the opening to the infinity within is greater in some than others.. and so there is more power to the brain. It is interesting to note that Leonardo DaVinci was a fruitarian as evidenced in his notebooks which record only plant products being eaten.

Albert Einstein ate one bite of meat every year on Jewish holidays to appease his wife. Pythagoras and Ramanujan,pioneering mathematicians (e.g. Pythagorean theorem) were vegetarian. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity and many other phenomena as a vegetarian. It was not until later in his life in Paris where he said he was done in by venison and venery that he lapsed from his discipline.

Aluminum cooking and alcohol consumption are linked to Alzheimer's disease. Ideally, avoidance of metal contaminants is greatest when one eats uncooked foods. (See http://www.rawtimes.com)

Fish flesh is at the top of the food chain in the ocean, and is high in arsenic, chromium, mercury, and polychlorinated biphenols, as well as every other lasting ocean pollutant.

Mercury poisoning is associated with memory loss.

The vision of Vincent Van Gogh, who saw the divinity in all grass, creatures, and stars.. The singing violin of Yehudi Menuhin are two more of endless examples.

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