Haiku Attempt: Pg 49 partial

He stopped fighting


did Sisyphus

In purity he avoided


Indwelling God


within his new chrysalis


bombing thousands of

miles away by computer

General Tommy Franks

setting children and camels

and palm trees afire

.. turning babies into franks

Posted by sb11 on 06-30-2007 02:49 PM:

The rain in Maine falls

mainly on the


Posted by sb11 on 06-30-2007 03:47 PM:

sunrise over the Indian Ocean

sunset over the Alps

.. only the frame is different


when water reflects the sun

it is shown darker and unstable

... as people who are angry

with God

project themselves onto Him


every act of charity returns

multiplied as surely as

watering a peach tree in spring

and summer brings juicy fruit

in the fall


Father forgive us for we know

not what we did

Father forgive us for being deaf

and blind

to what our actions meant to others


the gates of all paths

lead to the God of all paths


rivers: veins in the fertilized egg of

Mother Earth


someday the outcast

will be first not last


the unannounced visitor took

food from the too fat cat

and put it outside for the ferals..

may all governments do the same


spring: the time of the most

rushing waters

dawn: the time when the sun

makes diamonds of each dewdrop


what is more precious than

the praise of the mother or father,

the nodding smiles of gurus?


to phrase something as half full

rather than attack it as half empty

is to include the plus sign of

positively charged power rather

than the minus sign of unplugging

Seen: mistakes of the fat

Unseen: secret deals of fast

food advertisers.







Dr Mervyn Hardinge: vegans weigh 23 lbs.

less than nonvegetarians in 3 month

isocaloric studies (each group

eats same amount of calories a day)

Why? meat has no bulk.. it doesn't

pass through  it causes constipation

and intestinal cancer etc etc

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