UCSD Sadists

whether they kill


or hogs

or frogs

it's all the same

to the sadists


who live in

an ethical fog


Yoon Choi

Date:  Wed Jun 18, 2003  6:51 am

Ask UCSD To End Unnecessary Dog Labs


Kinship Circle wrote:


6/14/03--Ask UCSD To End Unnecessary Dog Labs


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June 2003 Activate For Animals

American Anti-Vivisection Society

aavs@a... ; www.aavs.org


Last Chance For Animals (LCA)

San Diego Chapter



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================SAMPLE LETTER=================

University of California San Diego

9500 Gilman Drive

La Jolla, CA 92093

Chancellor Robert C. Dynes; email: rdynes@u...

Dr. Ed Homes, Dean of the Medical School; email:


Dr. Hampton Atkinson, Chair of the Core Curriculum

Committee; email: jhatkinson@u...

Tony Yaksh, Ph.D., Chair of the Animal Subjects

Committee; email: tyaksh@u...

John Marsh, Ph.D., member of the Animal Subjects

Committee; email: jjmarsh@u...

Odile Mathieu-Costello, Ph.D., member of the Animal

Subjects Committee

email: omathieucostello@u...

Geert Schmid-Schoenbein, member of the Animal Subjects

Committee; email: gschmid@u...

rdynes@u..., ewholmes@u...,

jhatkinson@u..., tyaksh@u...,

jjmarsh@u..., omathieucostello@u...,


Dear Chancellor Dynes, Dr. Holmes, Dr. Atkinson, Dr.

Yaksh and Members of UCSD Animal Subjects Committee:

I write to again ask UCSD School of Medicine to

terminate its dog labs. Please emulate the 100 other

medical colleges--including Columbia, Harvard,

Stanford, and Yale--that now use proficient and humane

non-animal technologies to teach physiology and


At Harvard Medical School, for example, students learn

surgical skills in human operating rooms, working

alongside experienced surgeons. Students are always

better equipped to tackle human circumstances when

knowledge is obtained about their own species through

surgical assistance, human cadaver labs, or computer


Dr. Nancy Harrison, who completed her residency at

UCSD and went on to form Doctors Against Dog Labs,

refers to dog labs as pedagogical teaching exercises

that serve no unique function. "When students cut open

dogs to demonstrate basic physiology and pharmacology,

they do not discover anything new. They do not advance

medical science."

There is no justification for UCSD to purchase

purpose-bred dogs at a cost of over $575 each, when

efficacious non-animal research modes not only supply

data relevant to humans, but also delete overhead to

confine, feed and discard laboratory animals. There is

certainly no ethical rationale behind half-day

laboratory exercises that typically call for students

to anesthetize healthy dogs, slice open their chests

to demonstrate biological principals on the beating

heart, and kill the animals upon completion.

Moreover, failure to utilize non-animal research tools

for basic physiology and pharmacology courses defies

regulations established under the Animal Welfare

Act--which stipulates replacement of animals whenever

alternatives exist.

Please keep me informed of your progress to

permanently ban outmoded and inhumane dog labs.

Thank you,


Friends of dogs


Dogs brighten our life with their gift to love and bond. It is our turn to help

our dogs. Please help organisations who are fighting to get dogs out of food




http://www.animalsasia.org/ http://www.linisgobyerno.org/special_projects.htm

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